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Published at 25th of March 2020 02:15:43 PM
Chapter 503

“Xiao Wu, why are you smiling? Seriously, you wear such simple and modest clothes . How did he come to that conclusion? That’s a mean old man!” Chaoge said indignantly .

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Feng Wu only smiled at first, but she was so amused that she soon broke into laughter .

Chaoge stared at her in bewilderment . “Why are you laughing? You were told off!”

Feng Wu chuckled . “My beautiful master was right . Priest Wu is an upright man who hates it when people let formations go to waste . That man was Priest Wu, alright . ”

“Beautiful master? As in that beautiful master from your dreams?” Chaoge was intrigued .

But Feng Wu didn’t want to talk about her beautiful master with Chaoge, for her master was her own secret and she didn’t want to share it with anyone else .

Feng Wu grunted proudly . “I’m not going to talk about it . ”

Chaoge said in resignation, “What about Priest Wu, then? Where did you hear about what he’s like? And whoever told you that sounds so superior . ”

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Feng Wu said stubbornly, “I’m not telling you . ”

Chaoge stared at Feng Wu . “Every time you ‘don’t tell me’ something, it has to do with that beautiful master in your dreams . ”

Feng Wu gloated . She then gave a wave of her hand . “Let’s go . ”

“Where to?”

“The Fang manor . ” Feng Wu grinned . “That’s where Priest Wu went and that’s where we’re going . ”

Chaoge was dubious about that plan . Priest Wu was at Grand Secretary Fang’s place as a guest; there was no way they would be invited in as well .

She heard the conversation between Feng Wu and Steward Fang .

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The steward said, “Miss, I’m sorry, but we’re not accepting visitors today . ”

Chaoge looked at Feng Wu .  I told you . See?

Feng Wu said matter-of-factly, “Isn’t the manor for sale? We’re not visitors, but buyers . ”

Chaoge was speechless . She hadn’t seen that coming .

Why were they going to buy the manor? Xiao Wu was clever! Chaoge didn’t worship the genius girl for nothing!

Steward Fang hesitated . “But we’re entertaining an honorable guest today . I’m afraid you’ll have to come back another day for the house tour . ”

Feng Wu smiled . “That won’t be necessary . I think the manor looks great . ”

Steward Fang thought to himself, “Of course you do . Everyone thinks this manor is great . ”

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He said with an impassive face, “The manor is selling for 100,000 taels of silver . ”

“Alright . ”

“And a thousand-year-old ginseng, a 5000-year-old lingzhi mushroom, and a ten thousand-year-old Chinese knotweed as well . ”

“Alright . ”

“Moreover, you’ll only qualify to purchase the manor if you can answer the question on this piece of paper in three days . ” Steward Fang handed Feng Wu a piece of paper .

Feng Wu had seen him give Ye Yafei the same piece of paper when she had sat on the wall the other day .

Feng Wu had planned to take a peek at Ye Yafei’s paper when she followed the latter to World Tower, but after everything that happened, she forgot all about it . Now, she finally knew what the question was .

Seeing Feng Wu read the question on the spot, Steward Fang said grumpily, “You have three days to think about it . There’s no need to rush . Miss, you should leave now . ”

He tried to shoo Feng Wu out the door after that .

However, Feng Wu only gestured at Chaoge . “Give me a pen, please . ”

Chaoge had come prepared and she took out a ready-to-use writing brush from her chest pocket . Unlike a regular writing brush, which had to be dipped into ink to use, this one came with a soaked tip and could be used instantly .

Whoosh —

Feng Wu started writing right away . She gave the pen back to Chaoge a minute later and handed the paper back to Steward Fang .

“I don’t need three days . I’ve solved the problem already . Mr Fang, please give the answer to your master . ” Feng Wu clapped her hands .

Steward Fang didn’t check the answer, for he didn’t understand it .

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