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Published at 26th of March 2020 02:35:15 PM
Chapter 505

Priest Wu found it unbelievable .

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That was impossible . This was his first time seeing this Whistling Vase… There was no way that he would have let other people have it if he had seen it first .

Grand Secretary Fang didn’t say anything, but only gave Master Bian a sidelong glance .

Master Bian’s mind went blank —

Priest Wu also shifted his gaze to Master Bian .

“Master —” Master Bian drained of all color . “Actually… actually…”

“Speak!” Priest Wu bellowed, his eyes glinting coldly .

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He was short-tempered to begin with, and this only set him off . “What have you been keeping from me? Speak!”

“Well —” said Master Bian . “Actually, it was a young lady who sold off this Whistling Vase . ”

“And you were there?” Priest Wu’s face darkened a little .

“Yes —” Master Bian nodded gingerly .

“You idiot!” Priest Wu smacked Master Bian on the back of his head . “Why didn’t you buy the vase yourself? That was it . Grand Secretary Fang bought it before you could, right?!”

More cold sweat trickled down Master Bian’s forehead .

“ actually…” Master Bian was almost in tears, but he had no choice but to tell the truth, for Grand Secretary Fang was right here .

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Word on the street was that Priest Wu had once set up Grand Secretary Fang, and the latter was probably doing this on purpose!

“Master… how about we talk about it after we get back…” Master Bian suggested .

However, Priest Wu smacked him on his head again . “We’re not going anywhere! Tell me what happened, now!”

Priest Wu was known for his short temper .

Master Bian couldn’t stall any longer and said disconsolately, “The young lady… sold that vase to me at first…”


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Priest Wu almost jumped to his feet!

He stared at Master Bian . “What happened? Tell me everything! What do you mean she sold it to you at first?”

Despite his reluctance, Master Bian had no choice but to tell Priest Wu everything that had taken place at Elegant Ink Gallery .

Priest Wu said, “So, she was able to recognize a fake piece with one glance and effortlessly set up a formation as advanced as a mind-calming formation… How come I’ve never heard of such a talented person in the imperial capital?”

Seeing that Priest Wu’s attention had shifted to the girl, Master Bian said in a hurry, “That’s right . She was from the imperial capital and she was so young . That was why I didn’t recognize her work . ”

Priest Wu glared at Master Bian . “If that girl sold you the vase, why didn’t you bring it back to me?”

“Well…” Master Bian wiped the cold sweat off his forehead . “Because… Grand Secretary Fang bought it from me . ”

“Old Fang, you forced him to sell it to you, didn’t you?!” Priest Wu was very upset!

That Whistling Vase should have been his! That girl with the unmatched talent had specifically said that it was for him!

“I forced him? Heh —” Grand Secretary Fang snorted . “There was no need for that . Your pupil here was so ignorant that he willingly sold the vase to me at the original price . ”

“You!” Priest Wu was so furious that he wanted to beat Master Bian up!

As a matter of fact, that was exactly what he did .

Grabbing his walking stick, he struck Master Bian with it repeatedly .

“You imbecile! You idiot! One day, you’ll give me a heart attack! This Whistling Vase should have been mine! That girl asked you to bring it to me! How could you be so dumb?!!!”

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