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Published at 23rd of March 2020 02:15:50 PM
Chapter 499

It was common knowledge that millions of candidates participated in Imperial College’s entrance exam every year .

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The exam consisted of a written test and a physical tryout .

The top one thousand candidates of the written test would qualify to take part in the physical tryout, and the one hundred students with the best scores in the latter would be admitted .

Feng Wu darted a look at Chaoge . “Chaoge, join me for the exam . ”

“Huh? Me?” Chaoge found the suggestion unbelievable . “But I can’t, can I? I can take part in the written test, but to apply for the physical one, you have to be a Level 9 Spiritual Master at least . I’m only a Level 7 now . ”


And she had only made a breakthrough because Feng Wu had pointed her in the right direction with that Inky Rain painting .

Feng Wu rolled her eyes . “The exam is seven days away, isn’t it?”

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“Xiao Wu, are you saying that I can go from Level 7 to Level 9 in seven days? How is that even possible?” Chaoge wouldn’t believe it .

Feng Wu smiled . “Why not? As a matter of fact, I think it’s doable . ”

“Do you think I’ll be able to achieve that?”

“Yes,” Feng Wu said earnestly .

“Alright!” Chaoge smacked her hand on the table . “If Xiao Wu says I can do it, I can do it . You’re applying for Imperial College? Count me in!”


Feng Wu was doing it all for Chaoge’s good . If the girl could get into Imperial College, she would no longer have to go back to her loveless family . If she wanted, she could come live with Feng Wu .

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Feng Wu made a mental note that after she bought the Fang manor, she would invite Chaoge over to cultivate there as well . The girl would be thrilled at the speed of her progress .

However, Chaoge wavered when she came back to reality . “But Xiao Wu, we only have seven days and we don’t even know what the written exam looks like . What are we gonna do?”

“What kind of questions do they usually have in the written test?” Feng Wu asked casually .

Chaoge felt like crying .

“Xiao Wu, from the way you put it, I thought you were ready for it, but in fact, you don’t even know the type of questions in the written exam? Are you trying to scare me to death?”

Feng Wu shrugged . “The idea of going to Imperial College never occured to me before . ”


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“When did you come up with the idea, then?”

“Yesterday . ”

Chaoge was rendered speechless .

Feng Wu said, “Why are you giving me that look?”

Taking Feng Wu’s hand, Chaoge said sincerely, “Xiao Wu, how about we give up?”

“Why?” Feng Wu was bewildered .

Chaoge was very serious . “Xiao Wu, people usually take at least ten years to prepare for this entrance exam . Only after ten years of studying and practicing is one qualified to sit the exam . And we’re going to just walk in like this… The physical tryout aside, we’ll probably hand in blank sheets for the written exam…”


“That bad?” Feng Wu frowned .

“Yes! Xiao Wu, have you read any of the past exam papers that got out? The questions are so profound . They cover everything from literature, history, art, and geography to theories on elements, formation, and even medicine… basically anything you can think of . How are we even going to begin to answer any of those without ten years of preparation? There’s also a discourse on politics, which can be anything . We probably won’t be able to even understand the question… So, how about we drop it now?”

“Can it be that difficult?” Feng Wu frowned .

“Yes, it can . Xiao Wu, the maximum score for the written exam is 300, which takes up 30% of the total score . Without any preparation, we might as well give up on those 300 marks now…” Chaoge said in resignation .

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