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Published at 23rd of March 2020 02:15:29 PM
Chapter 500: 500

“Can we get any sample papers?” Feng Wu asked .

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Chaoge shook her head . “Only the teachers of Imperial College have those . I heard that Grand Secretary Fang is one of the guest advisors at Imperial College and he played a big part in the design of the exam papers . He’s been head of the exam board for the past few years . ”

Feng Wu’s eyes lit up!

Grand Secretary Fang?

Feng Wu didn’t know many names in the imperial capital, but Grand Secretary Fang… She had been meaning to get in touch with him in the last few days .


She had her eye on Grand Secretary Fang’s manor .

Feng Wu asked, “Are you referring to Grand Secretary Fang, the one that’s retiring soon?”

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Chaoge nodded . “That’s him . It’s said that Grand Secretary Fang is from the south and he’s planning to go back to his hometown after retirement . I heard that he has already resigned from all his government positions .  Sigh .  I wish we knew Grand Secretary Fang . That way, at least we could borrow some past papers from him . We’re running around in the dark with our eyes closed at the moment . ”

Feng Wu clapped her hands . “Let’s go to Grand Secretary Fang, then . ”

In fact, Feng Wu was quite confident about the breadth and depth of her knowledge, but it would be safer to have access to some sample questions .

Moreover, Chaoge needed such sample questions even more .

And it just so happened that Grand Secretary Fang lived right next door to Feng Wu . It would be such a waste if she didn’t take advantage of that .


Chaoge didn’t know whether to laugh or cry . “Xiao Wu, what are you thinking? You do realize who Grand Secretary Fang is, right? He’s like a national treasure . We can’t just walk in and talk to him . Plus, we can’t even get near him even if we know where he lives . ”

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“I’ll think of something . ” Feng Wu sat down and tapped the table with her fingers . She then looked up at Chaoge . “Do you know who Grand Secretary Fang’s close friends are?”

“I have no idea . But I’ve heard that Grand Secretary Fang specializes in formations and he’s as competent in that field as Grandmaster Wu . Maybe Grandmaster Wu is his good friend?” Chaoge didn’t sound very certain .

Grandmaster Wu, as in Priest Wu? Wasn’t he that Master Bian’s teacher?

An idea struck Feng Wu and she snapped her fingers .

“Priest Wu? Well, if he’s the one, haha, I’ve left a hint for him already,” said Feng Wu cheerfully .

“A hint?” Chaoge looked at Feng Wu in confusion . “When?”


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“Yesterday in Elegant Ink Gallery . You were there as well . ” Feng Wu reminded her . “Do you remember that Master Bian?”

“Of course! What he said almost got us killed!” Chaoge flared up at the mention of that name and she clenched her fists angrily . That Master Bian certainly didn’t impress her .

Feng Wu said, “I made that Master Bian purchase that Whistling Vase in the end . ”

“Right, Xiao Wu, you set him up in the end . Hahaha! That Master Bian’s face almost turned green . Good job! He deserved that for working against us!”

Feng Wu said, “But I didn’t set him up . ”

“Huh?” Chaoge was confused .

“I gave him an opportunity,” Feng Wu said cryptically . “But it seems that he gave it away . ”


“What?” Chaoge was even more confused .

She understood every word Xiao Wu said, but put them together into a sentence and she was at a loss .

Feng Wu explained to her, “If he had been clever enough, he should have shown up outside Fallen Star Yard and begged for my forgiveness . But he didn’t . ”

“Huh?” Chaoge was dumbfounded . What was that about? English, please?

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