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Published at 22nd of March 2020 02:15:26 PM
Chapter 498: 498

“Sister? Sister?” Feng Xiaoqi tugged on Feng Wu’s sleeve .

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Feng Wu said, “… What?”

“Why aren’t you talking to me? Why did the spiritual stones break and why did I make a breakthrough? Why?” The boy looked confused .

Feng Wu said grumpily, “Feng Xiaoqi, stop asking already . I’m feeling very defeated at the moment, so don’t make it worse . ”

“Huh?” Feng Xiaoqi scratched his head . “Sister, I…”


Feng Wu chuckled .

“Sister, you’re not mad! I was so scared . ” Feng Xiaoqi let out a breath of relief .

Feng Wu rubbed his head . “Xiaoqi, I kept you from cultivating for the past five years . and you followed my instructions without fail . You never tried to practice behind my back . It’s time you earned your reward . ”

Feng Wu would have cultivated in secret if she were him .

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But Xiaoqi was such an obedient boy . Feng Wu told him not to cultivate and he really hadn’t for five years .

He deserved to make such rapid progress .

Just then —


“Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu —”

An excited voice came from outside .


It was indeed her . Feng Wu turned around and saw Duan Chaoge rush into the yard .

“Xiao Wu —” Chaoge was still chubby, but she looked a lot more proportionate already . “I can finally see you! It’s so hard to find you . I almost broke into a fight with them . ”

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Feng Wu smiled . “Why are you here so early?”

“After yesterday, how could I not come visit you? I would have come last night, but I was afraid they would think I was a thief . ” Chaoge beamed at Feng Wu . “Wait, why are you reading these?”


A few books were scattered around on Feng Wu’s desk .

Chaoge flipped through them in passing and her eyes flickered . “Why, aren’t they the reading materials for Imperial College’s literacy test? What do you need them for?”

Feng Wu raised an eyebrow . “To take the exam, of course . ”

“But…” Chaoge paused, then said hesitantly, “But don’t you have to be at least a Level 9 Spiritual Master to get into Imperial College?”

And Feng Wu didn’t have any cultivation ability, did she?

She wasn’t even qualified to apply .

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Feng Wu smiled . “That won’t be a problem . ”


“Huh?” Chaoge was confused .

Feng Wu gave a wave of her hand and a magpie on the roof nearby tumbled down… When it almost hit the ground, Feng Wu pinched her fingers together and the bird was suspended in mid-air .

Chaoge was astonished!

Turning around, she looked at Feng Wu in disbelief .

Feng Wu grinned .

Chaoge said, “Xiao Wu… are you telling me that… you actually can cultivate?”

Feng Wu’s smile broadened .

“Ahhh —”


Chaoge’s thrilled cry almost tore the roof off!

Covering her mouth with both hands, Chaoge burst into tears .

Oh god —

Xiao Wu wasn’t a good-for-nothing . She was awesome . She really was —

Chaoge was dazed on the spot at the discovery . Her head went blank and she didn’t know where to put her hands . It was more exciting than experiencing a breakthrough herself .

“Xiao Wu, you have your ability back, sob — You can cultivate… You’re not useless… I knew it… . ” Chaoge couldn’t stop her tears and she almost passed out from crying .

Feng Wu had no choice but to calm her down .

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