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Chapter 497

Feng Wu could put her uncle aside for the time being .

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After Yu Mingye left, Feng Wu lay down on her bed and went over the current situation in her head .

Her top priority now was to purchase Grand Secretary Fang’s manor next door . Her family was in urgent need of spiritual stones for their cultivation, and Feng Wu wanted to make use of the spiritual stone lode underground and turn the Fang manor into a spiritual formation, which would help their cultivation greatly .

The next thing on her list was to get into Imperial College . Only then would Jun Linyuan give her that broken star piece… Feng Wu was instantly motivated when she reminded herself that her beautiful master could wake up for a brief moment .

As for Little Phoenix, it had gone into hibernation after swallowing the abnormal flame bead and wouldn’t wake up for a while .


Feng Wu visited the dry well in the Fang manor in the middle of the night, where she asked Feng Tutu to get a few spiritual stones for the others to use in their cultivation .

“Top-grade spiritual stones? Sister, I didn’t know we had them!” Feng Xiaoqi was exhilarated .

“Of course we have them . Use as many as you want . ” Feng Wu was very free with other people’s money .

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She gave five each to Feng Xiaoqi, Uncle Qiu, and Qiuling .

Uncle Qiu was thrilled . “Miss, I – I think I should stick with medium-grade spiritual stones . The top-grade ones are too valuable…”

Feng Wu stuffed the stones into Uncle Qiu’s hands . “We have more than enough . Feel free to do whatever you want with them . The most important thing is to improve your cultivation levels . ”

Uncle Qiu was greatly touched .


Even the masters of other families couldn’t get their hands on top-grade spiritual stones, to say nothing of servants…

Qiuling was even more flustered . “Miss, I… I think low-grade spiritual stones are good enough for me . ”

Qiuling was the only Level 1 Spiritual Master here and she thought she would be wasting the high quality stones… Just imagine how much gold they could trade these stones for . She couldn’t bring herself to use them .

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Feng Wu shook her head . Spiritual stones filled the underground tunnels of the manor next door — there was an entire spiritual stone lode . Once she purchased that manor, it would be like a rocket for her and her family in their cultivation .

Therefore, she had to have that lode, regardless of the cost .

The following day .

Shortly after daybreak .


“Sister! Sister!” Feng Xiaoqi rushed into Feng Wu’s room in excitement .

“Yes?” Feng Wu was in the middle of getting dressed and she looked at her brother in bewilderment .

“Sister!!!” Feng Xiaoqi’s cheeks were flushed . “I made it to Level 4! I’m a Level 4 Spiritual Master! Sister, do you hear me?”

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Feng Xiaoqi was trembling with excitement .

Level 4? Already? Didn’t she just get him back the day before yesterday? Feng Wu examined him and saw that he was right!

“How did you do it?” Even Feng Wu was curious .

“I don’t know . ” Feng Xiaoqi was at a loss . “Remember those five spiritual stones you gave me yesterday?”


Feng Wu nodded . “Yup . ”

“I didn’t want them to get stolen, so I put them under my pillow and slept on them . ”

Feng Wu nodded . “Yup . ”

“When I woke up this morning, I saw that all five stones were in tiny pieces —” Feng Xiaoqi’s eyes sparkled and his long eyelashes reminded one of two little fans . He said in an innocent tone, “Then, I realized that I had become a Level 4 Spiritual Master . I don’t know how I got there . ”

Feng Wu was speechless .

“Sister, do you know why?” Feng Xiaoqi asked innocently as he tugged on Feng Wu’s sleeve .

Feng Wu rubbed her forehead and took a deep breath .

How unfair .

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