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Chapter 496

They had a few whips in the house, but the black one was the only one with barbs .

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Feng Yanfeng’s face darkened when he saw the whip .

Feng Liu’s mouth fell open!

Lady Wang thought she was going to pass out!

“My lord! Don’t! Please don’t do this!” Lady Wang rushed to Feng Yanfeng and burst into tears . “My lord, didn’t you say that Feng Wu was to be blamed for everything that happened at the Yan manor and that Liu Er only did what she did because Feng Wu was a bad influence? If you’re really going to punish our daughter, you have to punish Feng Wu as well! Otherwise, I won’t let you do this to our daughter!”

Punish Feng Wu as well? Feng Yanfeng smirked!

He couldn’t shower Feng Wu with enough compliments at the moment . Punish her? Was she joking?

“You lot, escort the lady back to her room . As for Feng Liu, she’s not going anywhere until she gets those fifty lashes! No mercy! Do it now! Whip her as hard as you can!”

Lady Wang passed out from her fury .

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As for Feng Yanfeng’s guards…

The head of the clan had made the decision and they would follow his orders to the tee .

Hence, they spared no effort with the whipping .

“Ahh! Ahh!”

Feng Liu burst into tears .

It wasn’t just from the physical pain, but from her frustration and disappointment in her father as well .

“Xiao Wu, the letter…” Feng Yanfeng eyed the letter in Feng Wu’s hands eagerly .

Since Feng Yanfeng was being rather cooperative… Feng Wu casually handed over the appointment letter .

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Feng Yanfeng unfolded it immediately!

Reading the gilded words on the paper, which included “minister of the Ministry of Official Personnel,” Feng Yanfeng was overwhelmed with excitement!

He had hoped for the assistant minister post, but had gotten the minister position instead . That was completely unexpected!

Holding the letter, Feng Yanfeng turned to leave . He couldn’t hide the excitement on his face .

His head was swimming .

Feng Wu stopped him grumpily . “Uncle, haven’t you forgotten something?”

“What?” Feng Yanfeng couldn’t think straight; all he knew was that he was thrilled!

Feng Wu made a money-counting gesture with her fingers .

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Feng Yanfeng almost rolled his eyes . “Seriously? That’s what you’re thinking about now?”

She was able to get him this job and she had hooked up with His Royal Highness . 100,000 shouldn’t be a problem for her at all!

Feng Wu smiled . “Uncle, are you going to renege on your debt now?”

As a matter of fact, that was exactly what Feng Yanfeng was thinking . In his mind, Feng Wu’s money was the Feng clan’s money, which in turn was equivalent to his own money . Why bother transferring it?

However, seeing that Feng Wu looked displeased, Feng Yanfeng said, “Don’t worry . I’ll give you the money . Once I start this job, I’ll have more money than you can imagine . ”

After that, Feng Yanfeng left happily with the letter .

Yu Mingye came out to the yard and saw that Feng Wu was watching Feng Yanfeng leave with a wicked smile on her face .

“Aren’t you worried that he won’t keep his promise?” Yu Mingye asked .

Feng Wu smiled . “I’m counting on it . ”

She then asked Yu Mingye, “I asked for an assistant minister position; why did you make it a minister?”

The heads of the six ministries were such important positions that the appointment of these officials should be carefully evaluated . What was His Majesty thinking?

Yu Mingye gave her an enigmatic smile . “But you didn’t object to it, did you? What were you thinking?”

“Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad,” said Feng Wu indifferently .

“I thought the same thing . ” Yu Mingye looked at Feng Wu affectionately .

Feng Wu found his gaze a bit too intense .

“It’s late . You should go back home . ”

“You ungrateful girl . After everything I’ve done for you, you’re chasing me away without so much as offering me a glass of water,” Yu Mingye whined .

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