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Chapter 494: 494


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There was the crisp sound of a slap!

The others thought at first that Feng Yanfeng had slapped Feng Wu, but —

Lady Wang pressed a hand to her cheek and stared at Feng Yanfeng in disbelief . “You… you… you hit me?”

She thought she had said all the things he wanted to hear . What was wrong with that?


Lady Wang almost collapsed .

For she had always flattered herself to be Feng Yanfeng’s beloved wife, which was how she had always presented herself to others . However, he had just slapped her in front of everyone . She thought she was going to lose her mind!

Feng Yanfeng liked Lady Wang well enough, but only when it didn’t damage his interests .

Not to mention that Lady Wang was from an influential family herself .

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The guy sat on the fence and was always after material gain . At the sight of that letter of appointment, Lady Wang was tossed aside .

Feng Yanfeng glared at her . “You’re just a woman . What do you know? Apologize to Xiao Wu now!”

Lady Wang’s eyes widened in disbelief!


Not only had she been slapped, she had to apologize to the girl?!

She wouldn’t have it!

Feng Wu darted a casual look at the letter in Feng Yanfeng’s hands . “I can give it to you, I can also take it back . ”

Feng Yanfeng had examined it already . The letter was genuine, from the paper, the format, the seal — everything!

And it had bypassed Sir Yan . The order had come directly from His Majesty!

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What did that mean?

When Sir Yan was outright against it, Feng Wu had still been able to get him an appointment from the emperor… whoever made this happen had to be very well-connected!


Feng Yanfeng broke into a cold sweat .

He shuddered and wiped his sweat .

He then glowered at Lady Wang . “What are you doing standing around? Apologize!”

Feng Yanfeng shoved Lady Wang; she had never seen such a fierce look in his eyes before .

Frightened, Lady Wang stared at Feng Yanfeng with a blank face .

Feng Liu was equally stunned . She watched in bewilderment and only came back to herself just then .

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Rushing to her father, she screamed, “Dad! What’s wrong with you? Have you lost your mind? Why are you on Feng Wu’s side now? She should be kicked out! She’s such a bi-”


“Shut up!” Feng Yanfeng broke into a cold sweat again .

For he saw that Feng Wu was going to tear the letter in half .

No! That was his appointment letter and his way into the Ministry of Official Personnel! Moreover —

Judging by the part he had read —

Holy shit!

It wasn’t a letter for the position of assistant minister .

It was for the minister of the Ministry of Official Personnel!

Feng Wu had to have done it on purpose!


Feng Yanfeng was obsessed with getting promoted and he would willingly trade his soul for a higher position .

If he had still hesitated a little over the position of assistant minister, the idea of becoming a minister swept away all his hesitation .

Feng Wu had taken that letter back; she wouldn’t give it to Feng Yanfeng that easily .

Moreover, it was like Feng Wu said: she was able to get him the letter, and she could destroy that opportunity just as easily .

Feng Liu had no idea what was going on and was still screaming . “I don’t understand! Why? What’s so incredible about this woman? Dad, why are you on her side? You said you were going to kick her out yourself!”

“Why, Master Feng, you really are going to kick me out?” Feng Wu put the letter into her chest pocket and clapped her hands . “Alright . I’ll take my family back to where we came from . ”

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