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Chapter 495: 495

Feng Yanfeng was exasperated!

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“No, please don’t —”

The last thing Feng Yanfeng wanted now was for Feng Wu to leave, for she knew someone that was influential enough to take away Sir Yan’s job!

Could it be Young Lord Feng? No, even that young lord wasn’t important enough to do that .

Could it be His Royal Highness? Feng Yanfeng’s eyes lit up .


So, Feng Wu had really hooked up with the crown prince .

He knew it . Feng Wu was so pretty that it would be such a waste if she didn’t become the crown prince’s concubine!

Great . With Feng Wu in the crown prince’s bed, the Feng clan’s future looked very promising!

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Feng Yanfeng was over the moon .

He rushed to Feng Wu’s side and said in an obsequious voice, “Xiao Wu, I was only joking . Don’t take it too seriously . Hahaha . That was a drunk person talking . Men talk bullshit after a few cups . I’m sure you understand, right?”

Feng Yanfeng was indeed an experienced fence-sitter . Jumping ship came so naturally to him .

A moment ago, he had been roaring at Feng Wu, but he was all kind and smiling now .


Feng Wu wasn’t going to cut him loose that easily . She stood there with her hands behind her back and raised her chin . “Uncle, was Feng Liu drunk as well? And what about my aunt? Did your whole family just decide to pick on me as a team?”

Feng Liu was furious .  Yes! That’s exactly what we’re doing! Bite me!

Feng Yanfeng waved his hands . “Xiao Wu, my dear Xiao Wu, that was just a big misunderstanding . How can you think so lowly of me? I was only joking —”

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He was thinking about the position of minister of the Ministry of Official Personnel!

Getting that job meant that he would be in charge of the appointment or transfer of all officials in the empire . With so much power, how lucrative was that position?

Seeing the greedy look in Feng Yanfeng’s eyes, Feng Wu smirked inwardly .

If she told Feng Yanfeng that he had to kill Feng Liu to get the job, she was sure that he would do it without hesitation . Feng Wu said a silent prayer for Feng Liu .


“Well, Uncle, you might be joking, but Feng Liu and my aunt certainly don’t look like it . ” Crossing her arms, Feng Wu darted a sidelong glance at Feng Yanfeng .

Did he think he could get away with it by saying that “it was a joke”? The position of the minister of the Ministry of Official Personnel was way more valuable than that .

“You lot, come here!”

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Feng Yanfeng gave a wave of his hand .

His guards rushed in at the command .

“Feng Liu has been bullying her sister, and what she did to Feng Wu in the Yan manor almost led to a serious blunder . Lash her fifty times for her abominable behavior!”

Feng Liu was dumbfounded!


He was her own father!

If he couldn’t stand up for her, the least he could do was not harm her!

“Dad!” Feng Liu cried out .

Feng Yanfeng’s guards took Feng Liu down as easily as handling a chicken .

“Do you need a bench? I’ll get you one!” Feng Xiaoqi quickly ran into the room and took out a bench . “Do you need a whip as well? We have that, too!”

Feng Yanfeng was speechless .

He was only putting up a show for Feng Wu, but now… At that thought, he couldn’t help but throw a dirty look at Feng Xiaoqi .

Feng Xiaoqi hid behind Feng Wu and said timidly, “Uncle, you’re so scary…”


On guard, Feng Wu narrowed her eyes .

Feng Yanfeng waved his hands in a hurry and forced out a laugh . “Xiaoqi, you’re so easily scared . Now, go get that whip for your uncle . ”

“Sure —” That was a job Feng Xiaoqi liked . He returned in no time with a black whip .

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