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Chapter 493

Feng Yanfeng didn’t know how to explain the fact that he had smashed into the tree because he tried to kick the door open . It would sound ridiculous…

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“Feng Wu!” Feng Yanfeng switched to an authoritative tone . “Do you have any idea of the consequences of what you did in the Yan manor?! Sir Yan holds a lot of grudges against us now, and I’m going to lose my job! Do you know how hard it is to work as a government official nowadays? The entire Feng clan has been implicated because you wouldn’t swallow your pride!”

Feng Yanfeng had already been drunk on his way back, or he wouldn’t be so talkative .

Cheeks flushed, he pointed at Feng Wu . “You should never have come back! What were you thinking? Go pack your things and go back to Northern Border City now!”

What was happening in Fallen Star Yard soon got out .

Flying Snow Building had been rebuilt and Lady Wang was instructing the servants to put things back in the building when she got the news .

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“My lady! My lady! Great news!”

Ruyu went up to Lady Wang in a hurry, sounding exhilarated . “My lord went to Fallen Star Yard and he’s telling Miss Feng Wu to pack her things and get out!”

Lady Wang couldn’t bear the sound of Feng Wu’s name, but her face lit up when she heard the report . “Really? He really said that?”

“Yes! Very loudly . We heard it ourselves, every word of it . ” Ruyu nodded in excitement .

“That’s great —” Lady Wang tossed aside the things in her hands . “Let’s go have a look . ”

Granny Gui followed Lady Wang out immediately .

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Feng Yiran and Feng Sang had gone back to Imperial College, but Feng Liu was at home . She was just as thrilled and went along with her mother .

The idea of seeing Feng Liu getting kicked back to Northern Border City was so uplifting! Feng Liu was overwhelmed with excitement .

She arrived at Fallen Star Yard to hear her dad ranting at Feng Wu . “Pack your stuff! Go back to Northern Border City! Don’t come back ever again!”

Feng Liu rushed to her mother’s side and whispered, “Mum, what’s going on? Why is Dad so mad?”

Instead of whispering back, Lady Wang raised her voice . “Your dad was implicated for what happened in the Yan manor and he may lose his job in the Ministry of Rites . That position he was trying to get at the Ministry of Official Personnel was given to someone else . None of that would have happened if it wasn’t for a certain person . All was well before they came back . If they still have any consideration left for the clan, they should pack up and leave the imperial capital now!”

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Lady Wang had at least pretended to be nice, but after Yu Mingye took Flying Snow Building apart, she couldn’t be bothered anymore .

Feng Wu gave Feng Yanfeng a half-smile . “Uncle, I see that you’ve forgotten our deal . ”

“What deal? You mean that 100,000…” Feng Yanfeng smirked . “Don’t be so naive . The political world is so much more complicated than you think . That 100,000 taels of silver —”

Feng Wu took out that note and tossed it at him before he could finish his sentence .

Feng Yanfeng’s eyes lit up . He saw immediately that it was from one of the ministries, and the format indicated that it was a letter of appointment .

He took another look and was dazed on the spot .

Meanwhile, Feng Liu and Lady Wang were only getting started .

“Feng Wu, who the hell do you think you are? Shut your mouth and get out of the imperial capital now!”

“Smack —”

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