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Chapter 492: 492

“Hey —”

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Yu Mingye took Feng Wu’s arm right away . “Where are you going?”

“I’m not begging you . ” Feng Wu grunted .

“Fine, fine . Your Majesty, I’m begging you, okay? Please take this note, or my whole day’s work will have been for nothing . ” Yu Mingye stuffed the note into Feng Wu’s hand .

That amused Feng Wu and she tittered .


Seeing that Feng Wu had cheered up, Yu Mingye said grumpily, “You’re unbelievable . You asked for my help and you’re giving me attitude? I have to be the only person who will put up with you . ”

Feng Wu made a face at him .

Seeing how happy the girl was, Yu Mingye felt that all his efforts had been worthwhile .

“It really is a note for the transfer . Yu Mingye, well done —” Feng Wu gave Yu Mingye’s chest a fist bump . “I didn’t think you could do it . ”

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“What?” Yu Mingye stared at Feng Wu, but he couldn’t hide his smugness . “When I want something, I make sure I get it . This note is nothing . I can even make your uncle the minister of the Ministry of Official Personnel if you want . ”

Feng Wu was speechless . “You do realize that the Ministry of Official Personnel has a minister now, right?”

Yu Mingye casually said, “It won’t if I kill him . ”


Feng Wu’s mouth fell open . “You’re joking, right?”

“You’ll be the one to decide if I’m joking or not . ” Yu Mingye moved closer and winked at Feng Wu . His amorous eyes twinkled .

Feng Wu was speechless .

While Feng Wu and Yu Mingye were bickering, Feng Yanfeng, Feng Wu’s uncle, was on his way back home, feeling utterly defeated .

He could still recall the severe and indignant look on Sir Yan’s face .

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“Mr Feng, I see that the Feng family has a brilliant daughter . I bet with her around, you’ll have a very promising future .

“The position of the assistant minister of the Ministry of Official Personnel is filled . Please leave .


“Tell Mr Feng I’m not in when he comes back . ”

Feng Yanfeng felt despair at Sir Yan’s cold, merciless tone .

To get that position, he had already offended the official in the Ministry of Rites . But now, the Ministry of Official Personnel had disqualified him for that post… He feared that he couldn’t even go back to work as the assistant minister of the Ministry of Rites anymore .

Feng Yanfeng harbored much bitter resentment against Feng Wu for that .

It was all because of her!

None of this would have happened if it hadn’t been for her, and he would have become the assistant minister of the Ministry of Official Personnel by now!

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At that thought, Feng Yanfeng headed for Fallen Star Yard .


Thump! Thump! Thump!

Feng Yanfeng banged on the door to the yard .

Before Granny Zhao could answer the door, Feng Yanfeng kicked it, trying to force his way in .

However —

Feng Wu had learned a few things since the last time the door was broken twice in a row .

She had set up a simple reactive force formation on the door .

The force which rebounded on a person when they knocked on the door was equivalent to the power they exerted .

Hence, when Feng Yanfeng kicked with all his strength —


“Ahhh —”

He flew back and hit the big pagoda tree behind him!

Feng Wu had set up something on that tree as well, as the second part of the mechanism she had designed .

“Ah!” Feng Yanfeng cried out in pain .

Feng Wu had smeared a special potion on the trunk of that tree . Hitting it would cause one excruciating pain .

With a wave of her hand, Feng Wu switched off the third part of the mechanism .

She didn’t want to show all her cards so early .

“Uncle?” Feng Wu ran out of the yard and looked at Feng Yanfeng innocently . “What are you doing here? And how did you run into a tree in broad daylight?”

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