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Published at 19th of March 2020 04:45:07 AM
Chapter 491: 491

“I’ve drained it already and Uncle Qiu told me that the stone was really expensive… Sister, I don’t think I should go on cultivating anymore . We can’t afford it…”

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Xiaoqi grew sadder as he spoke and he was almost in tears . He was ashamed of himself for costing his family so much .

Looking at her younger brother, Feng Wu was amused . She then rubbed his head the way one would a puppy . It felt really nice to touch .

She then said confidently, “It’s just one top-grade spiritual stone . Don’t worry . We can afford it . ”

“But Sister, I used up one stone in a day —”


Top-grade spiritual stones were so expensive!

“Uncle Qiu said that one top-grade stone can cost as much as ten years’ worth of expenses for a household of three! I spent all that money in one day…” Feng Xiaoqi was contrite .

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“But you’re making rapid progress at the same time . I’ve found a place that can provide us with limitless top-grade spiritual stones . Soon, we won’t have to worry about spiritual stones anymore . ” Feng Wu reassured him .

Feng Xiaoqi almost jumped up in excitement . “Really? Sister, really?”

Feng Wu rubbed his head again . “Of course . Have I ever lied to you?”

Feng Xiaoqi couldn’t recall even one occasion where his sister hadn’t told him the truth, and she always kept her promises . He beamed at that thought .

“Little Feng Wu, am I that easy to overlook?”


There was a wistful voice from a shaded corner .

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Feng Wu turned around and saw that it was Yu Mingye .

He wore a dark purple robe today, which gave him an unruly and haughty look . He actually looked the way a superior cultivator should look .

Feng Wu was reminded that Yu Mingye was incredibly capable himself . After all, he was as famous as Jun Linyuan . However, Yu Mingye seemed to be rather silly around her, which made her constantly ignore his capabilities .

Feng Wu frowned . “What are you doing here?”

“Gosh, little Feng Wu, how forgetful can you be?” Yu Mingye glared at her .



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“Didn’t you ask me to get that job for your uncle? I’ve been running back and forth the whole day to get it done . And not only didn’t you offer me anything to drink, you asked me what I’m doing here? That’s just not acceptable,” Yu Mingye protested in an aggrieved tone .

Feng Wu was embarrassed…

“Exactly what am I to you?!” Yu Mingye complained .

Feng Wu said, “Well — I’m so sorry . So much happened today and I’m still trying to digest everything . Do forgive me . Right, the job?”

Feng Wu didn’t find Yu Mingye all that reliable and she hadn’t placed much hope in his promise . However, it seemed that he had gotten it done when he had been out for a stroll .

Yu Mingye gloated at the mention of it . Sticking out his chest and lifting his chin, he said, “Of course . It was a piece of cake . ”

He then took a note out of his chest pocket and waved it in Feng Wu’s face .


“What is it?” Feng Wu asked .

“What do you think?”

“Show me . ” Feng Wu reached for the note, but Yu Mingye raised his hand over his head .

“Beg me and I’ll give it to you —” said Yu Mingye arrogantly .

Feng Wu took a deep breath . What was wrong with these men? As if one Jun Linyuan wasn’t enough, Yu Mingye was saying that, too?

Feng Wu cast a stern look at Yu Mingye, then turned to leave .

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