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Chapter 489: 489

Of course Feng Wu wouldn’t tell him the truth . Her beautiful master was her biggest secret and she wouldn’t share it with anyone .

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“I heard that —” Feng Wu went on after a pause . “I heard that the broken star piece can transform a person physically . Maybe I’ll be able to cultivate again if I consume it . ”

Jun Linyuan narrowed his eyes in a dangerous way and kept his gaze on Feng Wu .

“I mean it! It’s possible! I’ll have a completely different life if I can do that, right? Jun Linyuan, have some mercy . A life without cultivation is so miserable . Even people like Ye Yafei can bully me whenever they want . Aww —”

Her beautiful mother was as innocent as a white lotus, and after living with her for so many years, Feng Wu could imitate her perfectly .


When she wanted to look like a delicate and touching beauty, she was second only to her mother .

Jun Linyuan didn’t say anything .

“Jun Linyuan~ Your Royal Highness~ Brother Jun~” Feng Wu held Jun Linyuan’s arm and swayed it back and forth .

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Outside, Lou Yue was dumbfounded —

That voice and that tone! Even a woman like herself was smitten… There was no way His Royal Highness, who was already in love, could resist it .

Jun Linyuan was over the moon . The girl was showering him with sweet talk again .

He was “Brother Jun” when she wanted something from him, and once she got what she needed, he was “Jun Linyuan” again, and she would yell at him . Heh .


The crown prince decided to teach the girl a lesson .

He glanced at Feng Wu . “Don’t use that cloying tone . Sit down and speak normally . ”

“Ok . ” Feng Wu stood at attention in front of Jun Linyuan and looked at him with limpid eyes, which reminded him of a puppy dog .

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That was irresistible —

Jun Linyuan turned away and closed his eyes to straighten his face before turning back to her . He cast a stern look at Feng Wu . “You want that broken star piece?”

“Yes . ”

Jun Linyuan grinned . “At any price?”


Feng Wu’s stomach sank . At any price? What kind of price was he talking about?

She was immediately on guard!

Seeing that the girl was on the alert like a frightened bunny, Jun Linyuan was greatly amused . However, he still kept his face emotionless and stared at her with brooding eyes .

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Feng Wu said, “What kind of price are you talking about?”

“Imperial College is recruiting students . The broken star piece is yours if you can get in . And I can open the box for you . ” Jun Linyuan raised an eyebrow .

Get into Imperial College? Did she have to expose her cultivation ability now?

“What if I don’t want to go to Imperial College?” Feng Wu gritted her teeth .


“Is that so?” Jun Linyuan said arrogantly . “Well, then I guess I’ll have to consume it myself . ”

“How dare you!” Feng Wu bellowed .

That was the only way to save her master!

“I’ll kill you if you do that!” Feng Wu’s eyes were bloodshot red and she screamed at Jun Linyuan like a mad person .

Jun Linyuan was surprised…

That was kind of overreacting, wasn’t it? Jun Linyuan narrowed his eyes and studied Feng Wu’s face .

Feng Wu had calmed down already…

To cover up her agitation, she cleared her throat . “That’s my only chance to recover my ability . You can’t do that . I mean it!”


“This is not the only broken star piece in the world . You can always find a second one . What’s so special about it?” Jun Linyuan gave Feng Wu a sidelong glance .

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