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Published at 18th of March 2020 02:20:09 PM
Chapter 490: 490

Feng Wu was inwardly ecstatic!

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A second broken star piece!

Jun Linyuan had to know where that second piece was!


Feng Wu almost burst into tears . She rushed to Jun Linyuan’s side and grabbed his collar . She couldn’t hide the excitement in her voice . “You know where the second piece is, don’t you? Tell me! Where is it?!”


The look in Jun Linyuan’s eyes was even more brooding… That agitation didn’t fit her usual behavior at all .

The broken star piece…

Jun Linyuan snorted . “You’re thinking of the second piece before even getting the first one?”

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Feng Wu ground her teeth . “Imperial College, is it? Fine, I’ll do it! Give me the broken star piece after I get in . You’ll also open the box for me and tell me where to find the second piece . ”

Jun Linyuan darted a look at Feng Wu . “There’s no ‘also . ’ I only agree to the first part . ”

“Jun Linyuan!” Feng Wu glared at him .

Jun Linyuan raised his chin and smirked in satisfaction .


Feng Wu had no choice but to pick up his sleeve again . “Brother Jun~ Brother Jun~ Brother Jun~”

“I told you, enough with the cloying tone!” Jun Linyuan threw a dirty look at Feng Wu and snapped, “Fine, fine . I’ll tell you where to find the second piece . Don’t you feel ashamed, talking to guys like that?”

Outside, Feng rubbed his nose in resignation .

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His Royal Highness was getting more and more dishonest these days…

Feng Wu ignored Jun Linyuan’s reprimand . She had gotten used to his lousy temperament by now .

Once the deal was set, Feng Wu waved goodbye at Jun Linyuan and promptly left World Tower .

Before Jun Linyuan knew it, Feng Wu was out of sight .


“She, she…” The crown prince pointed in the direction Feng Wu left in . “She left? Just like that?”

She didn’t even flinch!

Feng looked up at the sky in resignation .

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You’re the one telling her off and you’re the one who misses her as soon as she’s gone… Your Royal Highness, how self-contradictory can you be?

Feng Wu was back at the Feng manor .

“Sister —”

Feng Xiaoqi ran up to her happily .


Seeing Feng Xiaoqi’s rosy cheeks, Feng Wu patted him on the head . “How’s your cultivation coming along?”

Because of Feng Xiaoqi’s Ultimate Spiritual Body, Feng Wu had given him “Ultimate Spiritual Divine Power” to work with . She had a hunch that Xiaoqi would progress as quickly as she had .

“Sister, my cultivation is so efficient that it feels like flying!” Feng Xiaoqi was elated . “I reached Level 3 this morning and I thought I would make progress again just now, but —”

“But what? Tell me if you run into any problems, or I won’t know how to help you . You’re the man of our family, and both mum and I will need your protection in the future!”

Feng Wu patted Feng Xiaoqi’s head, motivating him with his future responsibility .

Feng Xiaoqi was exhausted from cultivation, but he glowed with excitement when he heard those words . “Sister, don’t worry! I’ll protect all of you!”

Feng Wu asked, “So, what seems to be the problem?”

“I ran out of spiritual energy . ” Feng Xiaoqi’s pretty face wrinkled and he looked up at Feng Wu . “Sister, that spiritual stone you gave me this morning…”

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