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Chapter 488: 488

Face livid, Jun Linyuan glared at Feng Wu in a threatening manner .

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It was so terrifying… Feng Wu flinched and stepped back .

“Ahem… I didn’t know you were into waterfowl . Well, you could have told me! It would have saved me a lot of trouble!” Feng Wu took the drawing, went back to her seat, and started sewing .

Were they waterfowl? They kind of looked like ducks…

It was said that Jun Linyuan was a great painter and that all the paintings in World Tower were his work… Feng Wu couldn’t see it from the picture she was holding .


She sewed two ducks on the pouch . As for the color…

Yellow ducks looked rather cute . And the pair were swimming side by side .

Hence, Feng Wu finished the pouch in no time .

She showed off her work to Jun Linyuan after it was done . “Look . Aren’t they prettier than the ones you drew?”

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Jun Linyuan was still sulking!

He kept hearing Feng Wu’s voice in his head: quails, quails, quails…

“There, have a look . ” Feng Wu ran to the other side and insisted that Jun Linyuan look at it .


Jun Linyuan glanced at the pouch .

He was dazed on the spot!

That horrible color, those hideous ducks, and that abominable…

More importantly, he had drawn a pair of…1 How had they now become yellow ducks?

The crown prince almost exploded!

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“Jun Linyuan, I did a great job, didn’t I? I think it looks great!” Feng Wu gloated .

“Heh —” Jun Linyuan didn’t know what to say . He made his bed and he now had to lie in it .


“Your smile isn’t sincere at all! I worked very hard and I jabbed my fingers with the needle a hundred times . Look —” Feng Wu showed Jun Linyuan her hands . “Right? It hurts a lot . The least you can do is recognize my contribution . ”

Jun Linyuan looked into Feng Wu’s limpid bright eyes, which reminded him of a doe . The pleading look she gave him made him want to rub her little head .

Jun Linyuan patted her on the head . “Fine!”

Yellow ducks it is .

“Did His Royal Highness just give in?” Lou Yue’s eyes widened in surprise!

Feng nodded .

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That was a first .


Feng was looking forward to a second, a third, and a fourth…

“You have your pouch . Can I have the abnormal flame bead now?” Feng Wu put out an open palm in front of his face .

Jun Linyuan tossed her the bead, looking disgruntled .

The bead had barely touched Feng Wu’s hand before it disappeared .

Little Phoenix swallowed it immediately, fearing that someone else might take it away .

After what happened, it wasn’t unsurprising that it was scared…

Feng Wu let out a breath of relief .

Xiaoqi was back, and she had obtained the abnormal flame bead . The only thing she needed from Jun Linyuan now was the broken star piece . Her beautiful master…


The way Feng Wu was staring at him gave the crown prince the creeps .

“What now?”

Feng Wu looked at him eagerly .

“What on earth do you want?”

“When are you going to give me the broken star piece?” Feng Wu asked in a pitiful voice .

“What do you need it for?” Realizing that he still had something Feng Wu wanted, Jun Linyuan was back to his proud self .

“Of course it’s for —”

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