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Chapter 486: 486

Feng Wu sighed in resignation, but she didn’t have any choice here . She sighed again . “… Alright . ”

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With a long face, Feng Wu began to cut out the fabric she needed and started her needlework .

Her beautiful mother always made sewing look so effortless, but when it was Feng Wu’s turn, why wouldn’t her stitches follow a straight line?

“You sew like a cripple trying to walk!”

Snatching the pouch out of Feng Wu’s hand, Jun Linyuan took a look, then tossed it in the bin .

Feng Wu cried out and tried to take it back . “My pouch!!!”

She had worked so hard, and after several discarded products, this was the first one that actually looked like a pouch . And he had just thrown it away like that?!

Feng Wu tried to retrieve it, but Jun Linyuan raised his hand and set the entire bin on fire .

Feng Wu was speechless .

All she could do was glare at Jun Linyuan!

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The crown prince was awfully calm . Meeting Feng Wu’s angry gaze, he casually said, “Well, I still think I should consume this bead myself . ”

That was the most effective threat!

“No!” Feng Wu glared at him!

This man simply wouldn’t stop threatening her!

And what was worse, his threats actually worked, for they hit Feng Wu in her sore spot .

She was so mad!

Sitting back down grumpily, Feng Wu picked up her needle again .

She had been doing the job perfunctorily and hadn’t cared about the crooked stitches . All she could think of was making one that wouldn’t fall apart .

However, Feng Wu realized now that Jun Linyuan wouldn’t let her stop until she came up with one that he was satisfied with . He would make her repeat the process until then, which would be enough to drive her crazy…

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Feng Wu took a deep breath and suppressed her anger .

Fine, it was just a pouch . After all the things she had gone through in the past five years, she wasn’t going to be intimidated by a pouch!

Smart as Feng Wu was, when she put her mind to it, she could learn anything very fast .

She focused on her needlework, and in less than an hour, the pouch she made was much more presentable .

The stitches weren’t too fine by the standards of an expert, but they were already much better than the work of an ordinary embroidery worker .

Feng Wu cheerfully showed the pouch to Jun Linyuan .

“Look! Isn’t it pretty? See how close the stitches are? Not everyone can do that!” Feng Wu bragged .

But the crown prince wasn’t satisfied . He gave Feng Wu an indifferent glance . “It’s so bleak and ugly! Make another one!”

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Feng Wu was speechless .

Right now, Feng Wu was in no position to fight back and she could only do as told .

Well, it was just embroidery, not rocket science .

Before long, Feng Wu showed Jun Linyuan a pouch with a few embroidered green leaves on it .

The crown prince’s face darkened . “Is that how you see me? Like leaves in the background?”

Feng Wu was speechless .

She had no choice but to make a new one from scratch . This time, she added a few pink flowers .

Jun Linyuan’s face grew darker . “Do I look like I’m into flowers? Do it again!”

Feng Wu was speechless .

This was so frustrating!

But she could only swallow her anger, snatch the pouch back, and make another one .

It went on and on until Feng Wu thought she was going to lose her mind!

Green leaves? No . Flowers? No . Animals? No . Cartoon characters? Still no . It was outrageous!

She sewed from noon to evening and was still making new pouches when the sun almost set . “No . No . No . ””Are you an idiot?””What the hell is this?””Make another one!”

Feng Wu was speechless .

She couldn’t take it anymore!


Feng Wu threw a pouch on the table and glowered .

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