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Published at 17th of March 2020 04:30:08 AM
Chapter 487: 487

“Nothing pleases you! What do you want?! Jun Linyuan, you never planned to give me that bead, did you? You must be enjoying yourself so much, making fun of me!”

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Jun Linyuan was sitting in a chair and Feng Wu was on her feet . Resting a hand on the back of the chair, Feng Wu bent down toward him, looking very intimidating .

Pissed, Feng Wu seemed to emanate rage from head to toe, which was rather terrifying .

Jun Linyuan glanced at her awkwardly, then looked away .

But Feng Wu wouldn’t let him!

Grabbing Jun Linyuan’s chin, she forced him to meet her gaze . “You’re doing it on purpose . You never planned to give me that bead . You’re going to keep forcing me to make new ones, aren’t you?!”

Feng Wu hated being treated like a fool!

The look in Jun Linyuan’s eyes was almost plaintive . “You don’t know how to do it properly and you’re blaming it on me…”

Feng Wu took a deep breath . “I don’t know how to do it properly? Can you see how many I’ve made? I’ve done my best! I’ve jabbed my fingers with the needle a million times!”

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Jun Linyuan didn’t say anything .

“You don’t like any of my designs . What exactly do you have in mind?!” Feng Wu fetched some pen and paper and smacked them on the table in front of Jun Linyuan . “Draw it yourself!”

Jun Linyuan was embarrassed… No way!

“Do it!” Feng Wu stuffed the pen in Jun Linyuan’s hand . “I’m not going anywhere . Show me the f**king design you want on that pouch!”

“Little Feng Wu, watch your language!” Jun Linyuan was displeased .

“Sew a hundred pouches yourself and you’ll be cursing, too!” Vexed, Feng Wu had forgotten all about fear or veneration . She smacked Jun Linyuan on the shoulder . “Draw it!”

That was awesome —

Lou Yue came up to the top floor at that moment and was just in time to overhear that conversation outside the door .

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What a conversation…

She looked up at Feng in resignation .

Feng shrugged . Big deal . He had gotten used to it already .

“His Royal Highness is…” capable of acting so weak?

No one would believe it even if word got out!

Who would? A proud person like the crown prince wailing? Are you kidding me?

Lou Yue pinched her thigh . It hurt…

This was real!

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With her hands on her waist, Feng Wu glared at Jun Linyuan . “Draw it now or I’ll think that you’re putting me through hell on purpose!”

Jun Linyuan took a deep breath .  Fine! I’ll do it! What’s the big deal?

However, he hesitated a little before putting pen to paper .

If she figured out what it was, the arrogant girl would definitely laugh at him . No one was allowed to laugh at the crown prince!

Whoosh —

With a few quick strokes, Jun Linyuan finished the drawing in no time . He tossed the pen away and stuffed the paper in Feng Wu’s hand . “There!”

What did he draw?

Feng Wu unfolded the paper and was dumbfounded . What the hell was that supposed to be?

A pair of some kind of bird… ducks or chickens… standing together?

“What are these two quails supposed to be doing?” Feng Wu looked bemused .

Upon her honor, she really couldn’t tell if they were chickens, ducks, geese, or some other bird . So she called them quails at random .

However, Jun Linyuan’s face darkened suddenly and he looked pissed!

The temperature in the room dropped abruptly!

Feng Wu shuddered and looked at Jun Linyuan in confusion .

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