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Published at 16th of March 2020 02:35:13 PM
Chapter 485

Looking down, Feng Wu realized how intimate their position was…

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She blushed and jumped off Jun Linyuan right away .

Jun Linyuan cleared his throat .

It felt very awkward…

Feng Wu broke the silence first .

Resting her hands on her waist, she glowered at Jun Linyuan . “What do I have to do to get that abnormal flame bead? Tell me!”

Little Phoenix was in tears .

Jun Linyuan cleared his throat and resumed his haughty manner . He then sat down on the chaise lounge and played with the abnormal flame bead in his hand before glancing at Feng Wu . “Did you forget what I told you last time?”

Last time? When was that? Feng Wu really couldn’t remember .

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However, Little Phoenix remembered everything and reminded Feng Wu, “The pouch! The pouch!”

“Oh, right —” That jogged Feng Wu’s memory .

Jun Linyuan had given her a difficult task: he would trade the abnormal flame bead for a pouch .

And he wouldn’t take one of the embroidered ones her beautiful mother made, but insisted that Feng Wu had to make one herself . What kind of request was that?

Feng Wu said helplessly, “But I can’t do embroidery… plus, my hands hurt . You’re asking too much!”

After waking up in this body, she had learned a lot of things from her master, but needlework wasn’t one of them .

“Then forget about the bead . ” Jun Linyuan looked at the abnormal flame bead and murmured indifferently, “I’ll consume it myself . It’ll improve my cultivation . ”

“Don’t! Please don’t —” Feng Wu grabbed his sleeve . “I’ll do it! Alright?”

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Jun Linyuan looked at Feng Wu and shook his head earnestly . “I thought your hands hurt . Let’s call if off . ”

Feng Wu snapped, “They don’t hurt now! Really! Not at all!”

Jun Linyuan tilted his head and pondered . “I’m asking too much . That’s not right . ”

Feng Wu almost burst into tears!

God damn it! Was Jun Linyuan making fun of her now?

Grabbing Jun Linyuan by his arm, Feng Wu shook her head repeatedly . “No, it’s totally fine! I love needlework, like, a lot! Trust me!”

Jun Linyuan glanced at her . “Really?”

“Yes!” Feng Wu decided to have Qiuling make one for her after she went back home . She would ask Qiuling to do it, which would be like writing with her less-used hand . Jun Linyuan wouldn’t be able to tell the difference .

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However, Feng Wu was still thinking about it when —

The crown prince snapped his fingers .

Feng came in with a team .

Yes, a team of people!

There were at least ten of them .

Each was holding an object, from threads and clothes to embroidery frames… Everything one could possibly need for needlework was there .

And there were fabrics of every color and every texture…

Feng Wu broke into a sweat!

Look at all those things! Had he robbed an embroidery shop?!

“It’s just a pouch . What’s the big deal? Jun Linyuan, are you trying to trick me?” Feng Wu threw a dirty look at Jun Linyuan . “If I didn’t know better, it looks like you want me to embroider a screen!”

Jun Linyuan glanced at Feng Wu arrogantly . “It’s my pouch and you need to be very serious about the job . ”

That made Feng Wu drop her original plan . She had been thinking about doing it perfunctorily at first .

“What about I finish it at home…”

Jun Linyuan snorted . “Are you sure you won’t have someone do it for you? Like your maid?”

Feng Wu was speechless . How did he know?

She was going to find another excuse when Jun Linyuan pressed her down in a chair . “Do it now!”

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