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Published at 15th of March 2020 02:35:09 PM
Chapter 484: 484

“No one has shown up from the royal palace yet, so the princess is still waiting on the fifth floor, but I don’t think Her Royal Highness is too happy about the arrangement . ”

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Feng Wu darted another look at Jun Linyuan . She was impressed by the young crown prince . Wasn’t he afraid that the empress would give him trouble?

Lou Yue then saw that His Royal Highness was eyeing her impatiently . Her stomach lurched and she withdrew from the room, leaving the young couple to themselves .

“Are you sure the empress won’t give you trouble for this?” Feng Wu went up to Jun Linyuan and asked curiously .

“What trouble?” Jun Linyuan looked at Feng Wu in bewilderment .

Feng Wu was speechless .

Just then, Little Phoenix woke up with a yawn and picked up on Jun Linyuan’s familiar aura right away!

“The bead! The bead! My abnormal flame bead!”

Little Phoenix was so agitated that it almost banged its head against the wall .

Feng Wu jolted .

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Shit . She had forgotten all about it .

She scratched her head, feeling a little guilty .

The bird burst into tears . “You don’t care about me! You don’t care about me at all! I see that now! Waa —”

Feng Wu thought her head was going to explode . “Of course I care about you!”

“What?” Jun Linyuan looked up and stared at her .

“Gosh —” Feng Wu put her hands over her mouth and was shocked!

Instead of talking in her head, she had blurted out her words for Little Phoenix! Oh god! Did Jun Linyuan think she was confessing her love for him?

“It’s nothing, nothing…” Feng Wu waved her hands, denying it .

Jun Linyuan snickered . Nothing? Did she think he was deaf? This dishonest woman!

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All of a sudden, the crown prince was in a great mood .

Seeing Jun Linyuan’s face light up, Feng Wu asked gingerly, “Your Royal Highness, can I ask for a favor?”

“Shoot . ” Jun Linyuan darted a contemptuous look at her .

“That abnormal flame bead… can I have it?” Feng Wu smiled obsequiously .

Seeing that Jun Linyuan was looking at her, she beamed at him .

Jun Linyuan was speechless . This girl was so…

“You want this?” He took the bead out .

“Yes . Yes, please —” Feng Wu tried to grab it, but Jun Linyuan raised his hand over his head .

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Feng Wu jumped and jumped, but still couldn’t reach it . She was vexed .

Holding Jun Linyuan’s arm with both hands, she yelled, “Give it to me —”

“Come and get it yourself . ” Jun Linyuan gloated .

Outside, Feng stood there in silence, guarding the door .

A tiny smile showed up on his face when he heard the cheerful voices inside .

When was the last time His Royal Highness laughed like that?

It was so good to be young .

But Feng Wu didn’t feel good at all .

She couldn’t reach the abnormal flame bead and she was exasperated!

Seeing that the bead was so close but still out of reach, Little Phoenix was very anxious!

Feng Wu was a head shorter than Jun Linyuan and her limbs weren’t as long as his either . She couldn’t get to the bead no matter what . An idea then struck Feng Wu . She hopped onto Jun Linyuan and began to climb up his body .

Almost there!

Both Feng Wu and Little Phoenix were excited!

Neither of them noticed the pink color behind Jun Linyuan’s ears .

Just then —

Jun Linyuan fell backward .

“Ah!” Feng Wu cried out and gripped Jun Linyuan’s shoulders involuntarily to stop herself from falling .

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