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Published at 15th of March 2020 02:35:13 PM
Chapter 483

She found the nearest water source and washed all the sticky juice off her hands . They were soon back to their smooth, fair state .

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Lou Yue took a look, and once more, she felt like passing out!

OMG . Miss Feng Wu, that water, that water was… Eternal Sacred Spring!

It had cost them a small fortune to transport it all the way here from the south; several spiritual beasts had died on the way . Moreover, they only had a small jar of it in total and Miss Feng Wu had just washed her hands with several spoonfuls of it . His Royal Highness would be so furious .

Lou Yue didn’t dare look at Jun Linyuan’s face .

“Done . ”

Feng Wu ran back to Jun Linyuan happily and showed him her hands . “Look how clean they are . Haha, you’ve got some nice water here . It feels spiritual and has a pleasant scent . ”

Lou Yue vented her sarcasm inwardly . Of course it smelled nice . That was Eternal Sacred Spring! One drop of it was worth ten thousand gold taels . And Miss Feng Wu had just washed her hands with it? What was more, His Royal Highness hadn’t even tried to stop her!

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“Hm . ” Jun Linyuan grunted .

“Right, Lou Yue was talking about what happened down there . Now, please go on . ” Feng Wu went up to Lou Yue and tried to help her to her feet .

But Lou Yue didn’t dare stand up, for His Royal Highness hadn’t punished her yet .

Seeing that Feng Wu wasn’t able to pull Lou Yue up and almost fell over during the process, Jun Linyuan was displeased . He glared at Lou Yue . “Are you waiting for me to help you now?!”

Lou Yue broke into a cold sweat!

She was waiting for her punishment, but as it turned out, His Royal Highness had forgotten about it already?

Lou Yue waved her hands in a hurry . “No, of course not . ”

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She finally understood what Feng had told her .

Offending Miss Feng Wu was much worse than offending His Royal Highness .

Lou Yue didn’t expect Miss Feng Wu to be able to stop His Royal Highness from killing her that easily, and she was still finding it difficult to digest that information…

She knew that Miss Feng Wu was very important to His Royal Highness, but she didn’t realize that it was an understatement .

“Miss Lou, do tell . What happened to Ye Yafei, Mu Yaoyao, and Princess Jun Wuxia?” Feng Wu asked curiously, making no attempt to hide her gossipy tone .

Lou Yue was able to understand why the crown prince cared about Miss Feng Wu so much .

She had met many noble ladies before and none of them showed their true selves in front of Jun Linyuan . They always behaved so perfectly, as if every move they made was measured by a ruler . To His Royal Highness, every last one of them was probably as pretentious as the next . None of them could be as real as Miss Feng Wu .

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At that thought, Lou Yue liked Feng Wu even more .

“Ye Yafei…

“Mu Yaoyao…”

Seeing that Feng Wu enjoyed the gossip, Lou Yue told her everything that had happened on the fifth flood .

With a bag of pine nuts in her hands, Feng Wu was absorbed in Lou Yue’s narration as she ate . She enjoyed the story a lot .

“Will Ye Yafei be punished after she gets back home?” Feng Wu tilted her head and asked .

“Well…” Lou Yue glanced at Jun Linyuan . His Royal Highness was probably the only one that could answer that question .

“Miss Feng Wu, do you want Ye Yafei to be punished?”

“Of course! She insulted me, she should live with the consequences! And Mu Yaoyao, too . She has a habit of throwing mud at me . That girl has a foul mouth . ”

Lou Yue stole a glance at Jun Linyuan and said a silent prayer for Mu Yaoyao and Ye Yafei…

Those two couldn’t have chosen a worse enemy than Miss Feng Wu .

“By the way, what about Princess Jun Wuxia?” Feng Wu quickly glanced at Jun Linyuan .

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