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Chapter 478: 478

“Not to mention that His Royal Highness gave the order himself . No one would be bold enough to defy him . ” Jin Yuntao gave them a wry smile .

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“Who else could it be? How about Miss Feng Wu?” Ye Zhou suggested . “Could Miss Feng Wu have pleaded to His Royal Highness for us? It’s possible . She’s so beautiful…”

Jin Yuntao and Yuan Ming gave Ye Zhou a “you idiot” look .

Ye Zhou recanted after another thought . “No, that can’t be it . Miss Feng Wu doesn’t have any cultivation ability . There’s no way that His Royal Highness… He’s too superior for any mortal girl . ”

Jin Yuntao and Yuan Ming nodded in unison .

If Feng Wu hadn’t had that mishap five years ago, maybe she would be a suitable companion for His Royal Highness, but now… sigh .

Yuan Ming said, “Miss Lou Yue was so kind to us, I don’t think she’d set us up . Plus, compared with the great World Tower, what can we possibly have that’s worth setting us up for?”

Ye Zhou nodded happily . “You’re right . Can we unwrap the gifts now? I really want to know what it is!”

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After that, Yuan Ming and Ye Zhou opened the boxes eagerly .

When they saw what was inside —

“OMG!” Yuan Ming cried out in surprise .

In the boxes were some big, round, and smooth spiritual stones that were very dense in spiritual essence!

Yuan Ming’s eyes widened . “ are they medium-grade spiritual stones?”

Ye Zhou snapped, “Are you blind? How can they be medium-grade? They’re top-grade!”

Moreover, they had been given three stones each!

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“Holy shit! I remember that only the student with the highest mark in the final exams is awarded a top-grade spiritual stone, right?”

“You can’t buy them just anywhere . Their prices are exorbitantly high in auction houses!”

“And we were given three each…”

“World Tower is indeed as rich as it’s said to be…”

The three of them didn’t think much of it . They went off to cultivate together shortly afterward .

Mu Yaoyao saw Lou Yue walk Jin Yuntao out, but she didn’t know that the three teenagers had gone off with gifts . If she did, she would probably get a stroke .

On the fifth floor .

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Jun Wuxia’s face was livid .

Feng Xun was gone and so were Jin Yuntao and his friends . However —

She, a royal princess, was still here!

She jumped to her feet!

However, she was stopped at the door .

Feng wasn’t here . He didn’t need to be around for such a petty task .

Lou Yue was the one who stopped Jun Wuxia .

“Go away!” Jun Wuxia yelled at Lou Yue . “How dare you block my way! I’m going to kill you!”

Jun Wuxia wouldn’t try to leave if Feng Xun, Jin Yuntao, and the other two hadn’t left, but now, she felt humiliated!

She was sure that her brother didn’t know about this . Those servants were behind this .

Lou Yue looked at Jun Wuxia and said in a calm voice, “I’m sorry, Your Royal Highness, but you’re not going anywhere until someone comes to pick you up . ”

“Then why could they leave?!” Jun Wuxia went scarlet with rage!

Mu Yaoyao and Ye Yafei pricked up their ears!

Lou Yue smiled . “An important figure put in a good word for them, which is why they were free to go . ”

“Who was that person?!” Jun Wuxia asked hastily .

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