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Chapter 477

“I’m so fed up with you . Fine . Your request is granted . ” The crown prince feigned an impatient tone .

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Feng Wu was thrilled . She had never expected Jun Linyuan to be so easily persuaded . The guy must be in a great mood today . Yes . Today was her lucky day .

After the order was given —


Mu Yaoyao’s head went blank after she heard the news .

She stared at the new head of World Tower in disbelief . “Why can Feng Xun leave? No, I mean, I understand why Young Lord Feng can leave, but why Jin Yuntao and those two? I won’t accept it!”

Lou Yue, the new head, had been warned by Feng .

She knew perfectly well how Lou Yun had lost her job, and she was going to make sure that she chose the right side — that was, Feng Wu’s side .

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As for someone like Princess Mu Yaoyao, that was a different story .

Lou Yue smiled . “I’m sorry, Princess Mu, but I’m only following orders here . ”

“I won’t accept it! Where’s Master Lou Yun? Why are you here?” Mu Yaoyao was flustered .

Lou Yue was smirking inwardly . Lou Yun? She was long gone .

Lou Yue said calmly, “Master Lou Yun has been transferred to another post . From now on, I’m in charge of World Tower . Moreover, we have informed the Mu family of what is going on here . I believe that your family will soon arrive to pick you up . ”

She then went up to Jin Yuntao and his friends . This time, her tone was very affable and she smiled warmly . “Mr Jin, you’re free to go . ”

After Lou Yue saw them off, Jin Yuntao and the other two were still eyeing one another in bewilderment . Their heads were spinning .

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Especially Ye Zhou and Yuan Ming, who had feared that the school would learn about this and expel them . As it turned out —

The problem had been solved just like that .

“By the way, here are some gifts for you . We apologize for putting you all through this, so please accept this as compensation . ”

The three gifts were wrapped exquisitely, which indicated how valuable they were .

“This…” Jin Yuntao hesitated and didn’t dare accept it .

Were they trying to set him up?

He couldn’t be so lucky!

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Lou Yue smiled . “Three young masters, please accept the gifts . They’re just a little something for World Tower having kept you here for such a long time . ”

This was the new head of World Tower .

Lou Yun, the previous one, had been so haughty and unapproachable, but wasn’t this one a little too friendly?

Jin Yuntao and the other two eyed one another in utter confusion .

However, he would never dare refuse a gift from World Tower .

He was talking to a figure that even his father would treat with great respect .

Jin Yuntao had no choice but to take the so-called compensation with both hands .

Ye Zhou and Yuan Ming followed suit .

They were still a little dizzy when they left World Tower .

Ye Zhou asked, “We were cut loose, just like that?”

Yuan Ming asked, “We came out without a scratch?”

Jin Yuntao scratched his head . “… I think so?”

Ye Zhou and Yuan Ming turned to Jin Yuntao in bewilderment . “What on earth happened? Did your family talk to World Tower or something?”

Jin Yuntao smiled bitterly . “My family is alright, but we’re nobody compared to all the influential clans in the imperial capital . My dad is the highest ranking official in my clan, but even he isn’t important enough to meet the head in person, not to mention —”

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