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Chapter 479

Jun Linyuan wasn’t known to be easily persuaded, not even by his own father, the emperor . Someone had just changed his mind? Who could that be?

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Lou Yue smiled, but didn’t reply .

Mu Yaoyao went up to them in a hurry . “Sister Lou Yue, I’m so sorry . I apologize for being so rude . Can you tell us who that person is? We’ll go ask for his help . Maybe he’ll put in a good word for us, too . Right?”

Lou Yue smirked inwardly .  It was a ‘her,’ and with what you did? Forget it .

You people would be scared out of your wits if I told you that the person was Miss Feng Wu .

Deep down, Lou Yue was a little devil . She was enjoying seeing Mu Yaoyao and the others dig their own graves .

Hence, she replied indifferently, “I’m sorry . I don’t know who that person is . ”

Just then, hasty footsteps came from outside .

Lady Mu arrived with a bunch of maids and grannies .

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However, they were stopped at the door and Lady Mu was only allowed to take one maid and one granny with her .

Lord Mu had been furious when he got the news!

The girl offended His Royal Highness? Did she have a death wish?!

Lord Mu was too ashamed to come here himself .

Lady Mu could still hear Lord Mu’s bellow in her ears . “Leave her there! Let her rot in hell! What was she thinking, offending Jun Linyuan? How stupid can she be?!”

Lady Mu had a hard time calming Lord Mu down before leaving for World Tower with all those servants and a lot of gifts .

A granny found a maid of World Tower before they got in and bribed her . They were then told what happened today .

However, they were all the more befuddled after they heard the whole thing .

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What did the princess do?

What was the crown prince unhappy about? For offending Feng Wu and Chaoge, or for bringing Princess Jun Wuxia into this?

Lady Mu was confused .

They also heard from the maid that Master Lou Yun had been replaced by Lou Yue, the new head .

Lady Mu’s stomach lurched .

That was big…

Lou Yue came out to greet Lady Mu .

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With Lady Mu, Lou Yue was rather detached in her manner, and that warm smile she gave Jin Yuntao was nowhere to be found .

“Lady Mu, please take the princess back . She’s no longer a child and I don’t think she should act or speak so childishly anymore . You never know who you would offend unknowingly . ”

What more could Lady Mu say? She could only smile bitterly and promise that she would discipline the princess well .

Princess Mu was vexed!

“Just tell me who I offended? What childish thing did I say?” Mu Yaoyao glared at Lou Yue . She couldn’t understand this!


However, Lady Mu slapped her hard in the face right away .

“Mum!” Mu Yaoyao was astonished .

She had never expected that her mother would hit her .

Growing up, her mother had always doted on her and had never laid a finger on her… Mu Yaoyao felt so wronged .

The look in Lady Mu’s eyes had never been this stern . “Shut your mouth!”

She had offended His Royal Highness and that was a fact . Continuing to ask such questions would only displease the crown prince further . Lord Mu and herself wouldn’t be able to do anything if the crown prince decided to cut Mu Yaoyao’s head off!

Lady Mu darted a look at the granny whom she had brought with her .

The granny quickly tied Mu Yaoyao up with a rope .

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