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Chapter 476: 476

Although she had no idea why Jun Linyuan wanted to beat Feng Xun up, it was always a good idea to butter him up .

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Because Feng Wu had realized something very important!

Before she was powerful enough, she wouldn’t be able to protect all the people she wanted to protect — she couldn’t even protect herself . Hence, until she could do that, she needed to find the biggest kid on the playground .

She had thought that Feng Xun was good enough to solve all her problems, but as it turned out today, when Jun Linyuan the Fiend was around, Feng Xun was a mere punching bag .

So… maybe she should switch to Jun Linyuan instead?

Although, he looked too unfriendly to be an ideal protector .

But everyone was afraid of him and he seemed to be her only option .

The more Feng Wu thought about it, the more upset she became . Shoulders drooping, she heaved a sigh .

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Jun Linyuan was a little nonplussed by Feng Wu’s words, and somehow, his anger dissipated . Instead, he stared at Feng Wu and said awkwardly, “I see you’ve learned . You’re sweet talking me now . ”

Seriously? Jun Linyuan wasn’t mad anymore?

An idea came to Feng Wu all of a sudden, but it disappeared as fast as it appeared .

Jun Linyuan patted Feng Wu on her head, then rubbed her hair . He liked the feel of it .

Feng Wu looked past what Jun Linyuan was doing with his hand and her eyes sparkled . “You’ll cut Feng Xun loose, won’t you? Oh, can you maybe let Jin Yuntao go as well? Please? He only got into a fight with Ye Yafei because he was helping me . His family will freak out and they’ll think he offended you if you ask his parents to pick him up…”

Jun Linyuan stared at Feng Wu . “Why do you care about other men so much?”

As if Yu Mingye and Feng Xun weren’t enough, there was this Jin Yuntao now?

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“Are you going to hit on everyone?” Jun Linyuan glowered at Feng Wu!

Oh no… here we go again .

Feng Wu stumbled back .

Jun Linyuan pressed her, “Speak . Do you like them that much?”

“I don’t! I don’t like any of them that way!” Feng Wu said proudly .

“Who do you like, then?” Jun Linyuan stared at Feng Wu .

“No one . ” The only one that Feng Wu cared about now was her white-clad, elegant master .

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Jun Linyuan snorted .

He didn’t like that answer, but he didn’t hate it either .

“Can you let them go, please? Just Jin Yuntao and his friends…” Tugging at Jun Linyuan’s sleeve, Feng Wu looked at him with pleading eyes .

The crown prince was defeated by her doe eyes .

He raised his chin . “Are you begging me now?”

Feng Wu nodded in a hurry . “Yes, of course . ”

“How spineless . ” Jun Linyuan jabbed Feng Wu’s forehead with a finger . “Fine, I’ll let all of them go . ”

“No, you can’t!” Feng Wu said in a hurry . “Just Jin Yuntao, his friends, and Feng Xun . Not Mu Yaoyao and the others! They’ll have to be picked up by their parents!”

Jun Linyuan stared at Feng Wu with an open mouth .

Feng Wu nodded at him earnestly . “I mean it!”

The girl was so good at bearing grudges . Jun Linyuan said grumpily, “Why should I listen to you? Who are you to me? I’m not following your orders . I’ll do whatever I want . ”

“Jun~ Lin~ Yuan~” Feng Wu said in a saccharine voice as she swayed his arm back and forth . “Boss Jun~ Your Royal Highness~ my dear crown prince~ Jun —”

“Stop talking like that!” Jun Linyuan cast a stern look at her .

Feng Wu pouted and looked at him in grievance .

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