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Published at 11th of March 2020 02:30:12 PM
Chapter 475

To her, the crown prince was as superior and inviolable as the highest snow mountain… but he had let that girl climb onto his back?!

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That girl straddled him?!

Pfft —

Lou Yun spat out another mouthful of blood .

The physical pain was nothing compared with how she felt inside .

Once the onlookers were dismissed, Feng looked down at Lou Yun with an impassive look on his face .

Feng had known Lou Yun since she was little, and he saw how hard she had struggled to rise to this position from when they had found her as a mere beggar on the street .

“Mr Feng… His Royal Highness and Feng Wu… They…”

Tears rolled down Lou Yun’s cheeks .

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Feng shook his head . It seemed that Lou Yun was no longer fit for this position as the head of World Tower .

“Mr Feng, did you know all along?” Lou Yun asked between broken sobs as tears streaked her face .

She felt too defeated to stand up .

So what if she looked pathetic? What did she care now? Her world had just collapsed .

Feng sighed . “I warned you before . ”

But you were jealous and blinded by your personal agenda . You thought you could fool others .

“Mr Feng, I…”

“You’re no longer fit for World Tower . ” Feng gave his verdict . “Go back to the imperial guards . ”

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“Mr Feng…” Lou Yun was genuinely scared .

She had given all she had and put in so much painstaking effort to stand out among all the talented people in the imperial guards . She had come a long way from when she had been a mere slave . However, she was going to lose everything because of one tiny selfish act .

“I won’t accept it!” Lou Yun wasn’t convinced .

Crossing his hands behind his back, Feng looked up at the clear blue sky .

“You might be able to hide your selfish motives from others, but Miss Feng Wu isn’t someone you can offend without consequences . ” Feng shook his head .

Even Princess Jun Wuxia had to wait here for a parent to pick her up, not to mention a mere employee like Lou Yun . What was there to argue about?

No matter how reluctant Lou Yun was, the crown prince didn’t believe in second chances .

Hence, Lou Yun was sent back to the imperial guards and Lou Yue was made the new head of World Tower .

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The only reminder Feng gave Lou Yue was: offend His Royal Highness, you might be spared, but you’ll want to double check how you got this job if you want to mess with Miss Feng Wu .

Lou Yue wanted to ask for a further explanation, but Feng only shook his head . “Don’t ask why . We can easily find a replacement for you if you can’t figure it out . ”

Lou Yue nodded obediently in a hurry .

Meanwhile, up on Beyond World, Feng Wu and Jun Linyuan were in an awkward situation .

Jun Linyuan wanted to leave, but Feng Wu had grabbed his belt from behind .

She would follow him wherever he went .

Jun Linyuan was speechless .

He couldn’t help but look over his shoulder and glare at Feng Wu . “Are you a dog? Let go of my belt!”

Feng Wu was so afraid that Jun Linyuan would go after Feng Xun again, although she still couldn’t figure out why he was doing it in the first place… Her reasoning was that Jun Linyuan was a sadist .

Gingerly looking up at Jun Linyuan, Feng Wu only wrapped her fingers tighter around his belt .

Jun Linyuan didn’t say anything .

From this angle, Feng Wu looked as adorable and cuddly as a puppy . However, he flared up again when he recalled all the things she had done!

“Are you that worried about Feng Xun?” Jun Linyuan asked grumpily .

“No, of course not . ” Feng Wu’s glistening eyes reminded him of a doe . “I just don’t want to see Your Royal Highness hurt your hands . ”

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