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Chapter 474

All the customers, from seventh-ranked officials to lords, were astonished .

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World Tower was seized by panic .

However, with Feng around, it didn’t last long enough to cause any actual damage .

The old man stepped out and announced in a level voice, “His Royal Highness is in the middle of something . Please go back to your rooms and don’t linger . ”

Among the onlookers were viscounts and earls . Lord Wuan was one of them .

All the others egged Lord Wuan on to probe into the situation .

Lord Wuan went up to Feng and lowered his voice . “Mr Feng, what did Boss Lou do? That was kind of harsh . ”

Feng vented his sarcasm inwardly .  What do you think? She picked the wrong side . His Royal Highness will never forgive her for trying to cut Miss Wu’s arm off .

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Of course, Feng kept all that to himself . Otherwise, his proud, sensitive young master would kill anyone that heard about it .

Feng cleared his throat . “Lord Wuan, His Royal Highness doesn’t like to be questioned . ”

Reminded of Jun Linyuan’s grim face, Lord Wuan flinched . “Of course, of course . I’m sure His Royal Highness has his own reasons . ”

Dejected, Lord Wuan returned to his room in a hurry .

“What did you hear? What did Master Lou do?” Lord Wuan was entertaining some guests today on the eighth floor, and among them were several viscounts and earls .

Lord Wuan rubbed his chin . “His Royal Highness doesn’t like it when other people stick their noses into his business . Gentlemen, let’s just enjoy the meal . ”

Actually, Lord Wuan only said that because he wasn’t able to get any information .

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“I think His Royal Highness is in a foul mood,” said the Earl of Yangling in a mysterious tone .

“Why do you say that?” The others were surprised .

“I was told that a girl offended His Royal Highness on the fifth floor and that was why His Royal Highness lashed out at Master Lou Yun . ”

“Who could have been bold enough to do that?” Lord Wuan cried out in surprise .

Lou Yun herself was treated with great respect, to say nothing of the crown prince .

These lords showed more reverence for the crown prince than for the emperor .

“What do you know about the Feng clan?”

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“You mean the one that used to be among the nine major clans, but has since fallen beyond recognition?”

“Yes, that one . They had this Feng Wu girl back then, remember? She was once His Royal Highness’s fiancee . The Feng clan thought that with that genius daughter, they could rise to the top and get back into the nine major clans . But that girl lost her talent and became a nobody . ”

“I heard about that . Isn’t that girl dead?”

“She’s not . I was told that she came back from Northern Border City, and she’s the one who pissed off His Royal Highness on the fifth floor . ”

“I see . His Royal Highness must have found her repulsive, and the head of World Tower was blamed for letting her in . ”

“Poor Master Lou Yun . She’s innocent in this . ”

“We should remind the youngsters after we go back . Tell them to stay away from this Feng Wu, or they could be the next ones incriminated . ”

“That’s so true…”

Without knowing it, Lord Wuan had led his friends in a very wrong direction .

And after those lords got back home, they led their offspring even further down that wrong path — we’ll talk about that later .

Lou Yun’s mind went blank after she was pushed off the top floor .

It was not until her body hit the ground and she spat out a mouthful of blood…

Only then was she able to think straight again .

It hurt…

She wasn’t dreaming! It had really happened!

She had really seen Feng Wu straddling His Royal Highness’s back, and he had pushed Luo Yun off the building in exasperation…

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