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Published at 11th of March 2020 02:30:16 PM
Chapter 473

What? She thought she wasn’t nice enough to that guy before, and she was going to be nicer to him now? Jun Linyuan was exasperated!

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He threw a dirty look at Feng Wu and turned to leave .

“Hey, wait! Where are you going?” Feng Wu shouted after Jun Linyuan .

Despite how furious he was, Jun Linyuan actually stopped . He turned around with a grim look on his face, which was rather intimidating .

“Are you going to hit Feng Xun again?” Feng Wu rushed out and grabbed Jun Linyuan . “No! You can’t do that!”

She was speaking up for another man now?

Jun Linyuan thought he was going to lose his mind .

Brushing off Feng Wu’s hands, he said in a soft, creepy voice, “Don’t worry . I won’t hit him . I’m going to kill him!”

But Feng Xun was his childhood friend!

He wouldn’t do that, would he?

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Surely he was only saying that to frighten her!

However, why was her heart still racing in fear?

Feng Wu couldn’t take the risk, for Jun Linyuan was nuts!

At that thought, Feng Wu grabbed Jun Linyuan’s arm and yelled, “Stop! You’re not going anywhere!”

Jun Linyuan smirked, threw her hands off, and was going to march off .

Feng Wu was exasperated .

Poor Feng Xun . He had been beaten up twice by Jun Linyuan already, and now a third time? She couldn’t let that happen —

Flustered, Feng Wu didn’t have time to think straight . Sprinting toward Jun Linyuan, she leapt onto Jun Linyuan’s back and wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist . “No! I won’t let you!”

Just then —

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“Your Royal Highness —”

Lou Yun’s voice came from outside .

The door was open and she saw what was going on as soon as she came in .

Lou Yun was astonished and she stood dazed on the spot!

She could hear a rumbling sound in her head, as if she had just been struck by a thunderbolt . Her head went blank .

His Royal Highness… His Royal Highness…

Feng Wu… Feng Wu…

A bitter taste filled her mouth and she was almost in tears .

“Get lost!” With a wave of his hand, Lou Yun disappeared from sight, as if she had been blown away by a hurricane .

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Speechless, Feng Wu watched as Lou Yun fell from the building .

Jun Linyuan was so violent!

To him, people weren’t categorized into men and women, but into the strong and the weak .

Clack —

The door to Beyond World closed .

The entire tenth floor was an open space with no extra walls . One could see the entire room at one glance .

Jun Linyuan could feel the soft body pressing against his back and he went tense . Even someone as wise and powerful as him was a little nervous .

He turned around and glared at Feng Wu . “Get down!”

Frightened by Jun Linyuan’s violent act, Feng Wu cringed and did as told . She stood still next to him .

Lou Yun, who had been pushed out the door, fell all the way down from Beyond World!

Crash —

She landed on the ground with a crushing sound .

As the head of World Tower, Lou Yun was very well-known!

Not many people had met her before, but the sound was so loud that a lot of customers came out to have a look .

Hence, someone soon recognized her .

“Gosh — isn’t that Master Lou Yun, the head of World Tower?”

“Lou Yun was pushed off the building? Oh my god! Who did it?”

“Is World Tower under attack?!”

To enter the lowest floor of World Tower, one had to be a seventh-ranked official or an owner of a medium-sized business at the very least . That was to say, only more influential personages had access to the higher floors .

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