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Published at 9th of March 2020 04:15:09 PM
Chapter 472: 472

Feng looked at Jun Wuxia, his tone impassive but authoritative . “I would worry about myself first if I were you, Your Royal Highness . ”

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All eyes were on Jun Wuxia . Even the royal princess had to be picked up by a parent?

Jun Wuxia turned scarlet with rage and she pointed at Feng . “You — how dare you! My brother will hear about this when he comes back!”

Feng gave Jun Wuxia a sympathetic look .

After all these years, Jun Wuxia still hadn’t figured it out: His Royal Highness had no brotherly love for her at all .

Meanwhile, Jin Yuntao was worried sick .

“Guys, sorry for putting you through this —” Jin Yuntao had no idea what to do .

If his family knew that he had offended His Royal Highness… would his old man have a heart attack?

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As for Yuan Ming and Ye Zhou, the two of them weren’t from the imperial capital . Where were they supposed to get a parent to pick them up?

Everyone here on the fifth floor was either flustered or perturbed —

With Feng Wu over his shoulder, Jun Linyuan went straight up to the top floor — Beyond World .

Thump —

He kicked the door open!

And he tossed Feng Wu onto a low couch!

Ouch —

Feng Wu hit her back when she landed and she almost burst into tears .

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She felt so offended!

“Jun Linyuan! Have you lost your mind?!” Feng Wu was furious .

Jun Linyuan stared at her grimly and smirked . “You ignored all my warnings!”

“What warnings?!” Feng Wu looked up and glared at Jun Linyuan .

Jun Linyuan’s tantrum made her flinch, but she felt more enraged than scared .

“I warned you to stay away from Feng Xun, but you just won’t listen!” Jun Linyuan enunciated each word, which felt like little daggers jabbing into Feng Wu’s heart .

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched .

“I didn’t do it on purpose!” Feng Wu tried to explain .

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“All you have are excuses and more excuses! What else do you have?” Jun Linyuan’s face was livid and he said contemptuously, “They say that beautiful women are the best liars and you’re the biggest one!”

Bending down, Jun Linyuan grabbed Feng Wu by the throat with one hand, as if he was going to snap her neck the next second .

Overwhelmed with rage, Feng Wu thought she was going to lose her mind .

“What on earth did I do? What excuses have I made? And why am I the biggest liar? Tell me!” Feng Wu felt so wronged .

What had she ever done to deserve all this?

She was very, very mad!

“Are you going to tell me that you didn’t go to Feng Xun’s place?” Jun Linyuan looked down at her coldly .

“And what’s wrong with that? I need to buy a house and I went to him for help! He can help me, so what? Are you going to forbid that now?!” Feng Wu snapped .

“Is he the only one you can think of? You could have come to me!” Jun Linyuan bellowed!

After that —

A hush fell over the room…

Feng Wu was baffled . And even Jun Linyuan himself was baffled .

It felt so awkward…

Looking into Feng Wu’s limpid eyes, the crown prince felt his heart skip a beat .

“Are you…” Feng Wu asked tentatively .

“Don’t flatter yourself . Of course I don’t care about you!” Jun Linyuan smirked . “I don’t want you to bring harm to Feng Xun . That’s all . ”

That set Feng Wu off again . “Why would I do that? With all the help he’s given me, I’d only be nicer to him . ”

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