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Published at 9th of March 2020 04:15:16 PM
Chapter 471

Staring at Feng Wu with a murderous look in his eyes, he grabbed her by her arm . “Are you an idiot?! Why do you care about him so much? I could kill you right now!”

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That astonished everyone .

His Royal Highness hated Feng Wu so much that he wanted to kill her?

Mu Yaoyao and the others were elated at that discovery .

Mu Yaoyao said right away, “Your Royal Highness, Feng Wu is playing Feng Xun . I saw with my own eyes Feng Wu cuddling Yu Mingye on the street in the middle of the night!”

Boom —

Those words seemed to set Jun Linyuan’s brain on fire and his face was darker than a stormy sky!

He looked more terrifying than a fiend from hell!

Instantly, a gloomy, bone-chilling sensation filled the room!

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That was so terrifying —

Everyone shuddered uncontrollably .

Jun Linyuan stepped forward and wrapped his fingers around Feng Wu’s throat!

He wanted to throttle her now!

Feng Wu’s eyes widened and she glared at Jun Linyuan . She wanted to say something, but couldn’t utter a word .

“Your Royal Highness —”

At that critical moment, Feng intervened .

Seeing that things were getting further and further off-track, the old man felt so desperate . If he didn’t stop it now, his young lord would probably never get a wife .

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“Shut up!”

Jun Linyuan’s handsome face was expressionless and there was a frantic look in his eyes!

Throwing Feng Wu over his shoulder, he headed for the door!

He was carrying her away?

Everyone else was baffled…

Jun Linyuan halted after a few steps . He turned around, darted a cold glance at Mu Yaoyao and the others, and smirked . “Tell their parents to come and fetch their kids!”

After that, Jun Linyuan marched off with Feng Wu on his shoulder!

Feng would have followed him out under normal circumstances . However, it wouldn’t be appropriate today, after the big row the young couple had just had .

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Lou Yun was still dumbfounded, but she had to pull herself together, for His Royal Highness had given an order .

That look which His Royal Highness had given her just then was so piercing that Lou Yun was still trembling inwardly…

As a result, she didn’t dare do anything reckless and turned to Feng for help . “What did His Royal Highness mean by telling their parents?”

Feng darted a glance at Lou Yun . It was understandable that the girl would begin to imagine things for her age . If it happened again, however, His Royal Highness would give her up for sure .

Feng had warned Lou Yun once already, and he wasn’t going to do it again . He was a supreme swordsman, not a nanny .

He ignored Lou Yun and gave the instruction himself . “These people offended His Royal Highness and they’re going nowhere! Tell their parents to come and get them . No one is leaving here without a parent!”

Everyone was dumbfounded…

They… offended His Royal Highness? Who could have been bold enough to do that? But it was an order from His Royal Highness, and they could only obey .

Mu Yaoyao said, “Mr Feng, I – I’m a victim…”

Feng ignored her .

Ye Yafei said, “Mr Feng, I – I didn’t do anything…”

Feng ignored her .

Jin Yuntao and his friends were the most innocent ones . They really had done nothing and had become collateral damage here .

“Well, I guess I should leave now . ”

Jun Wuxia then tried to help Feng Xun up .

However, Feng stared at Jun Wuxia . “No one is leaving without a parent . ”

Jun Wuxia glared at Feng . “I can vouch for them!”

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