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Chapter 470

“Boss Jun! What are you doing?!”

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A figure rushed in as fast as a tornado!

Young Lord Feng?!

He moved like Young Lord Feng, but everyone was shocked when they saw his face!

What happened to his face?

Did someone beat him up?

But who would dare do that to the young lord?

While the others were feeling utterly bewildered, Feng Xun took the plunge!

He shielded Feng Wu with his own body like a hen protecting its chick . Looking down, he said to Feng Wu, “Xiao Wu, don’t be scared . I’m here to protect you!”

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Feng Xun was probably the only person bold enough to stand up to Jun Linyuan at such a moment .

Well, he hadn’t always been this courageous, but he was willing to do it for Feng Wu now .

Jun Linyuan stood up abruptly!

He slowly made his way to Feng Xun and stopped in front of the latter .

A storm seemed to gather in his eyes!

The temperature in the room dropped!

Crack —

Frost began to creep up the walls .

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Everyone felt chills run down their spines!

They all lowered their heads and were too afraid to look up…

Grabbing Feng Xun by his collar, Jun Linyuan said in a cold voice, his face livid, “Feng Xun, how dare you provoke me over and over again?!”

Despite her fear, Mu Yaoyao was secretly over the moon!

She had hated Feng Xun for helping Feng Wu, and now, he had finally set Jun Linyuan off because of it… hahaha, Feng Xun was so dead!

Princess Jun Wuxia was conflicted .

She was happy to see that in order to defend her, her brother had fallen out with Feng Xun .

But to her great annoyance, Feng Xun was protecting that awful girl!

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Well, that was what Princess Jun Wuxia thought was going on here .

“Brother —”

While the others were too afraid to speak, Jun Wuxia went up to Jun Linyuan and tugged at his sleeve in a pitiful manner . “Brother, please don’t be mad at Feng Xun . He’s not thinking straight . That woman tricked him . I’m sure he’ll soon regret what he did . ”

However, Jun Linyuan only drew back his sleeve abruptly and Jun Wuxia almost fell to the floor .

But she didn’t think much of it and turned to tug at Feng Xun’s sleeve instead . “Feng Xun, just apologize to my brother now . Tell him you’re sorry . ”

Jun Wuxia tried to pull Feng Xun away from Feng Wu as she spoke .

She thought she was doing a great job . She had shown Feng Xun what an understanding woman she was and she had proven to her brother that she was very helpful .

However, Feng Xun only found her meddlesome and shoved her away . “Get lost!”

“Ah —” Jun Wuxia stumbled and hit her forehead on the corner of the table . The pain almost made her burst into tears .

“Your Royal Highness —”

The others all cried out in surprise .

The frown on Jun Linyuan’s face grew bigger and he glared at Feng Xun .

It gave Feng Xun the creeps . As a matter of fact, he was very scared, but for Feng Wu…

“Boss Jun, Xiao Wu didn’t do anything wrong . Why won’t you leave her alone? She’s innocent —”

The guy was still acting as if he was Feng Wu’s sole protector? Jun Linyuan was so angry that he pushed Feng Xun away!

“Thump —” Feng Xun fell to the floor as well .

“Brother —” Jun Wuxia was so touched, thinking that Jun Linyuan had done it to avenge her, but she felt so sorry for Feng Xun at the same time .

“Feng Xun, are you alright?” Seeing Feng Xun struck down by Jun Linyuan, Feng Wu rushed to his side to help him .

Jun Linyuan was furious!

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