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Chapter 469

So, His Royal Highness disliked this Miss Feng Wu .

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That was understandable . No one would like the girl they had once been engaged to, otherwise they wouldn’t have canceled the engagement in the first place .

“Miss Feng Wu . ” Lou Yun casually went up to Feng Wu and stared at the latter with sharp eyes . “If I’m right, you’re the fifth daughter of the Feng clan, the girl who lost her cultivation ability, aren’t you?”

Feng Wu narrowed her eyes . She could detect how capable Lou Yun was .

“How may I help you?” Feng Wu asked with a half-smile .

“World Tower doesn’t allow fighting and you were doing so . ”

Feng Wu smiled . “It was self-defense . ”

Lou Yun’s face remained expressionless .

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She was so certain that His Royal Highness despised the sight of this girl, who he had once been engaged to, here in World Tower . Hence, Lou Yun smirked . “I don’t have time for this . Are you going to do it or do I have to do it for you?”

“Huh?” Feng Wu didn’t understand .

“You’re going to lose an arm like Yan Yue . ” Lou Yun’s eyes glinted coldly .

Feng was flabbergasted! What’s wrong with you people? Can’t you see how much His Royal Highness cares about Miss Feng Wu? Cutting her arm off? Seriously?!

If it was up to Feng, Lou Yun would be the one to lose her arm first .

The old man felt exhausted . Did youngsters nowadays know nothing about reading faces? Couldn’t they see how much His Royal Highness —

Turning around, Feng felt even more helpless . His young lord looked so grumpy and terrifying that no one could tell if he was on Feng Wu’s side or not .

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Feng had to intervene . “Since Miss Feng Wu did it out of self-defense, someone else must have started it . ”

Miss Lou, please take care of that Mu Yaoyao first, okay?

Lou Yun was a smart woman . Had this been any other day, she would have taken Feng’s hint right away . However, she had let herself be carried away by her sentiments… and it had been the same with Yan Yue .

Both women didn’t like Feng Wu .

For some unknown reason, Lou Yun couldn’t stop disliking Feng Wu when she saw her beautiful face and remembered that Feng Wu had once been the crown prince’s fiancee .

Hence, she was biased from the beginning .

And she ignored Feng’s hint .

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“Mr Feng, are you going to take her word for it?” Lou Yun snorted . “I don’t care what happened . She was fighting and I have to cut her arm off to convince the public!”

After that, Lou Yun stole a glance at Jun Linyuan . Since His Royal Highness didn’t stop her, she was convinced that she was doing the right thing .

Feng was speechless .

Lou Yun was a shrewd woman, or His Royal Highness would never have made her the head of World Tower . As it turned out, she had been carried away by her own sentiments as well . What a pity…

Feng Wu smirked . “What if I say no?”

“I’ll do it for you!” Lou Yun frowned .

Was Feng Wu trying to embarrass her in front of His Royal Highness? Lou Yun found Feng Wu even more unpleasant .

Pfft —

Mu Yaoyao was thrilled .

Feng Wu must have thought that His Royal Highness was still into her . That was why she was so arrogant and conceited . Her arm was going to be cut off now in front of His Royal Highness . They would see how arrogant she could be from now on!

“Your Royal Highness —” Mu the Sixth was perturbed . Summoning up his courage, he stepped out . “But Brother Feng…”

All would have been fine if Mu the Sixth hadn’t mentioned Feng Xun . That name reminded Jun Linyuan of what he had heard earlier .

He was going to stand up, but decided against it now .

He snorted at Feng Wu .

Lou Yun had drawn out her sword —

Just then —

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