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Published at 7th of March 2020 02:20:08 PM
Chapter 468: 468

Was stupidity infectious? Why were these young lords getting dumber and dumber?

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The crown prince would be furious .

And Feng was right!

“Feng Wu!” Jun Linyuan bellowed .


He smacked down with an open palm!


The table in front of him was pulverized and the pieces scattered all over the floor .

For a second, everyone thought that their hearts had stopped beating .

Oh, no…

Feng Wu was so dead .

She might have been able to get away from Princess Jun Wuxia’s hatred, but if the crown prince turned against her, she was doomed .

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Jin Yuntao broke into a cold sweat .

Mu the Sixth felt a great force fall from above, which almost broke his back .

So scary!

Jun Linyuan bolted to his feet!

For a moment, no one dared to speak .


Jun Linyuan stared at Yan Yue .

Yan Yue had already dropped to her knees . She looked up at his voice . “I’m Yan Yue, Your Royal Highness . ”

“Since when is fighting allowed in World Tower?” Jun Linyuan didn’t raise his voice, but every syllable he uttered felt like a crushing blow .

Yan Yue shook all over, but she fought to keep her voice steady . “I’m guilty of a crime which I cannot atone for even with my death . Your Royal Highness, please do whatever you see fit to punish me . ”

“You don’t know what punishment fits you? You’re useless!” Jun Linyuan turned to Feng . “Tell Lou Yun to get her ass down here!”

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Lou Yun was the head of World Tower and a respectable figure that everyone tried to fawn over, but Jun Linyuan was ordering her around like a maid .

Feng didn’t need to do that . Lou Yun, who had been cultivating, stopped in the middle of her breakthrough and arrived in a hurry .

“Your Royal Highness —”

The woman wore a white dress, had calm, bright eyes, and looked as pleasant as an unruffled lake .

Ye Yafei and the others trembled even more violently .

What was going on? Why did all these bosses keep showing up?

“Your Royal Highness —”

The woman in the white dress was so slim that she could barely stand under the weight of her clothes .

Jun Linyuan didn’t seem to notice her beauty at all . He smirked . “Is this how you run World Tower? If you’re too busy for it, stop wasting my time here!”

Lou Yun had learned of what had happened on her way here, which only bewildered her further .

Since when did the crown prince care about such petty things?

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Looking closely at Jun Linyuan, Lou Yun saw that the crown prince was genuinely mad .

“Yan Yue —” Lou Yun drew out her sword .

Whoosh —

The blade swept down and Yan Yue’s right arm was severed from the shoulder .

“Ahhh —”

Ye Yafei and the others cried out with ghastly pale faces!

That was so horrible!

Her arm was cut off just like that?

However, one had to admit that what Lou Yun did successfully intimidated many people in the room, including that arrogant royal princess .

Sweat trickled down Yan Yue’s forehead, but she gritted her teeth and didn’t utter a word despite the excruciating pain .

Thump .  Yan Yue fell to the ground .

Lou Yun’s gaze was bone-chillingly cold . “Do you see what you’ve done now?”

Actually, Yan Yue didn’t…

However, it was her duty to follow Jun Linyuan’s orders without question, which was something that had been ingrained in her .

“I don’t . ”

Lou Yun then asked, “Do you agree with the punishment, then?”

“Yes . ”

Because it came from His Royal Highness and she was genuinely convinced .

“Go away!”

Yan Yue left, but her severed arm still lay on the floor . The bloody limb made for such a gory scene that no one dared look at it .

Lou Yun stole a glance at Jun Linyuan and realized that he was still staring at Feng Wu while grinding his teeth . He looked so pissed…

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