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Chapter 466: 466

Good . Jun Wuxia’s face was livid . Trying to take the royal princess’s man away? Feng Wu had to have a death wish!

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“Smack —”

Infuriated, Jun Wuxia raised a hand to strike Feng Wu’s beautiful face!

She was wearing decorative nail guards which were sharp enough to cut Feng Wu’s cheek open .

Mu the Sixth rushed out and pushed Feng Wu out of the way .

And he ended up being the one slapped .

Jun Wuxia was fuming!

Even Mu the Sixth was on Feng Wu’s side now?

“Granny Yue!” Jun Wuxia bellowed .

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Granny Yue acted as Jun Wuxia’s bodyguard and she knew what the princess wanted even from the most subtle hint .

Hence, Granny Yue walked out from behind Jun Wuxia and locked her murderous gaze on Feng Wu!

Mu the Sixth shot Captain Zhou a warning glance, trying to get the latter to stop Jun Wuxia before she went berserk .

Zhou sent one of his men back to ask Lady Northern Feng for help .

Jun Wuxia smirked at Feng Wu . “You should always watch out for powerful connections, even if you’re hitting a dog . Granny Yue, take her!”

Granny Yue had been given to Jun Wuxia by the empress and she was a she-wolf!

Jun Wuxia had barely given her order when Granny Yue charged at Feng Wu like a tiger!

Feng Wu leaned back and dodged that strike!

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Mu the Sixth rushed over and blocked Granny Yue’s way .

“Have you lost your mind as well?!”

Granny Yue grinned grimly . “Young Master Mu, please get out of my way . ”

“No! Over my dead body!” Mu the Sixth knew that Feng Wu was someone Feng Xun wanted to protect and he was already blaming himself for suspecting her earlier . He wasn’t going to waver again!

With a wave of his hand, his men broke into a fight with Granny Yue!

However, Granny Yue was way too capable for Mu the Sixth’s men to fend off .

Mu the Sixth turned to Yan Yue for help . “Miss Yan Yue, could you get your boss down here, for Brother Feng’s sake?”

The head of World Tower never showed up in front of guests, but Mu the Sixth knew that Lou, the chief, was always stationed here .

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Yan Yue frowned .

As a matter of fact, she didn’t like Feng Wu .

She didn’t know why, but she just felt that way, as one woman to another…

Hence, she shook her head . Chief Lou was too occupied with cultivation to pay attention to such a petty matter .

So, she wasn’t going to help . Exasperated, Mu the Sixth pulled Feng Wu to one side and whispered, “When you get a chance, jump out of that window . Quickly —”

Princess Jun Wuxia was too willful and unpredictable for him to handle . He feared that the princess would kill Feng Wu here today!

That could happen .

But Feng Wu only stood there calmly with her hands behind her back and looked unhurriedly at Jun Wuxia .

It was as if Jun Wuxia wasn’t a royal princess, but just another commoner .

Brushing off all the people standing in her way, Granny Yue lunged at Feng Wu and reached for her throat with her scrawny fingers!

“Screw you!” Chaoge shielded Feng Wu with her own body .

Thump —

But Granny Yue was still too powerful an opponent for Chaoge and the granny sent Chaoge flying backward with a sweep of her hand!

“Hm —” Chaoge grunted and spat out a mouthful of blood .

Granny Yue finally faced Feng Wu .

A cold light glinted in Feng Wu’s eyes!

It seemed that she wouldn’t be able to hide her cultivation ability anymore!

Just as Granny Yue raised her hand —

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