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Published at 7th of March 2020 04:50:07 AM
Chapter 467: 467

Chapter 467: The Proud Crown Prince (10)

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She was about to grab Feng Wu by her throat!


A force as strong as a tornado rushed at Granny Yue!

Crash —

Despite how strongly-built Granny Yue was, she was shoved away by that crushing force like a dry tree trunk!


There was the sound of a human body hitting the wall!

Crack —

And that was the sound of bones breaking!

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All eyes followed Granny Yue as she flew backward, hit the wall, and fell to the floor, and they all heard the sound of her bones shattering .

Then —

All heads turned in unison to the door .

A neat, well-groomed and elegant elderly man stood there, showing great respect to a teenager in the middle of the crowd!

Feng almost broke into a cold sweat .

Granny Yue had asked for it . How dare she offend Feng Wu — if Feng hadn’t intervened in time, Princess Jun Wuxia would be the one killed right now .

The others had no idea what Feng was thinking about . Right now, all their attention was on that formidable teenager standing in the center of the room .

He was —

Impeccably handsome .

He could easily look down on anyone or anything on this continent .

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He looked so haughty and unattainable .

He was such a dazzling figure .

“Y- Your Royal Highness —” Mu the Sixth felt his legs give out and he almost dropped to his knees .

This guy was the boss of his boss, and the most terrifying character!

Jun Linyuan’s face was livid .

Because of that foul mood, the air in the room seemed to freeze the moment he set foot inside .

Everyone, the swaggering, willful Jun Wuxia included, turned as meek as lambs in his presence . They didn’t even dare look up .

Jun Linyuan looked in Feng Wu’s direction and his gaze became as sharp as a blade!

Feng Wu was utterly bewildered .

She hadn’t even retaliated against his sister yet and he was already blaming her? Jun Linyuan indeed always took his people’s side . Hmph!

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Meanwhile, everyone watched Jun Linyuan in trepidation .

World Tower didn’t allow fighting, but they had just been doing so, which was to say that not only had they broken the rule, they had been caught red-handed by His Royal Highness himself…

Jun Linyuan turned his sharp gaze on Mu the Sixth .

“Your Royal Highness —” Sweat trickled down Mu the Sixth’s forehead .

“Explain . ” Jun Linyuan sat down in the head seat .

Mu the Sixth sighed inwardly . He had met the crown prince multiple times because of Feng Xun, but Mu the Sixth found the crown prince more intimidating with each meeting, and thus felt more pressured each time .

Despite how anxious he felt, Mu the Sixth managed to keep his voice calm and told Jun Linyuan what happened in succinct words .

Jun Linyuan kept glancing at Feng Wu as he listened .

He would never have bothered to come here for so petty a matter if it wasn’t for her .

Although… now that he was here to save her, that girl would finally see how useful it was to have him around, wouldn’t she?

The crown prince darted another proud look at Feng Wu .

However, Feng Wu kept her head down, lost in her thoughts, and didn’t notice Jun Linyuan .

Seeing the crown prince glare at Feng Wu the whole time with a livid face, Mu the Sixth panicked .

The crown prince always took his people’s side and he would surely speak up for Princess Jun Wuxia now . Miss Feng Wu was in grave danger!

Mu the Sixth’s head was spinning and he pleaded with Jun Linyuan, “Your Royal Highness, it’s true that Miss Feng Wu did some reckless things and offended the princess, but… after all, Brother Feng likes her that way, right?”

Everything would have been fine if Mu the Sixth had left that last bit out, but he didn’t!

Feng’s stomach lurched .

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