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Published at 6th of March 2020 02:40:13 PM
Chapter 465

With her disheveled hair, stained clothes, and a face streaked with blood and tears, Mu Yaoyao looked worse than a beggar .

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However, Princess Jun Wuxia was able to recognize Mu Yaoyao from the latter’s eyes and voice .

“Mu Yaoyao? Good gracious!”

Princess Jun Wuxia cried out in surprise . “You — what have you done to yourself? How did you…”

Granny Yue dropped to her knees at Princess Jun Wuxia’s feet, then spoke in a solemn tone .

“Your Royal Highness, I made a terrible mistake . I kicked Princess Mu before I could recognize her . I must be punished for what I did . ”

Jun Wuxia waved her off . “You only did it to protect me and it was an instinctive reaction . You’re not to be blamed . Do get up . ”

Granny Yue let out a breath of relief and rose to her feet .

Jun Wuxia turned her attention to Mu Yaoyao now .

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Had Granny Yue kicked her that hard?

Was she going to have to apologize to the Mu family now?

Princess Jun Wuxia was still hesitating over the idea when Mu Yaoyao pointed at Feng Wu . “Your Royal Highness, it wasn’t Granny Yue’s fault . That woman did this to me!”

That woman?

Jun Wuxia followed Mu Yaoyao’s finger .

And she saw a girl standing there .

What a pretty girl!

Jun Wuxia had never met anyone this beautiful before!

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She was as perfect as a picture, she had bright eyes and white teeth, and there was something ethereal about her . Just standing there casually, she was already stunning…

Especially her calm eyes and perfect composure . Jun Wuxia didn’t think she could find anyone with that same air .

She was so beautiful!

Growing up in the royal palace, where some of the most beautiful women on this continent lived, Princess Jun Wuxia was used to seeing pretty faces all the time .

However, she was still astonished by this girl!

Pretty girls tended to vie with each other even more in terms of appearance .

As soon as Jun Wuxia spotted Feng Wu, she tensed up and was combat ready!

“Who’s she?” Jun Wuxia asked in a displeased voice .

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“She’s Feng Wu!” Wiping away the tears and blood on her face, Mu Yaoyao scrambled to her feet and pointed at Feng Wu . “His Royal Highness annulled his engagement to her!”


Of course Jun Wuxia knew who Feng Wu was .

Back then, Feng Wu was a nightmare to many children of her age, for she had set the bar too high .

Even the empress’s own daughter had been robbed of the spotlight .

The look on Jun Wuxia’s face turned grimmer .

Mu Yaoyao smiled viciously . She suddenly recalled a lot of things Jun Wuxia had done… to get close to Feng Xun .

Jun Wuxia and Feng Xun? Could that be it?

Hahaha! Feng Wu, you’re dead!

Mu Yaoyao stoked the fire . “Mu the Sixth called Feng Wu his sister-in-law just then, saying that Young Lord Feng was in love with her!”


That set Jun Wuxia off right away!

Her already unkind eyes spat fire now . “Feng Wu, how dare you do that to Mu Yaoyao!”

Feng Wu had just turned into Jun Wuxia’s number one target .

Clever as Feng Wu was, she figured out right away when she saw the change in Jun Wuxia’s expression that thanks to Feng Xun, she had been framed yet again .

Feng Wu frowned . “Feng Xun and I are just friends . ”

“Friends?!” Mu Yaoyao smirked . “Mu the Sixth called you his sister-in-law and you’re just the young lord’s friend? Feng Xun likes you so much that he wanted to bring you back to the imperial capital himself back in Northern Border City . Come to think of it, didn’t you come here all the way from the border city just for him?”

Mu Yaoyao kept stealing glances at Jun Wuxia as she spoke .

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