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Published at 6th of March 2020 02:40:16 PM
Chapter 464

Jun Wuxia was the third princess of the royal family and the empress’s own daughter . As the most beloved daughter of her parents, she had grown into a spoilt and willful girl .

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The royal princess arrived with a large entourage, for that was what she was used to .

Attended by that crowd, Jun Wuxia walked in, looking bemused . “Mu the Sixth, where’s Mu Yaoyao? She was with me one minute and gone the next . ”

So, Mu Yaoyao came with Jun Wuxia today .

Mu the Sixth darted a glance at Feng Wu, feeling apprehensive… Things could probably turn very nasty for her today .

“Princess, help —” Mu Yaoyao cried so hard that she almost passed out . She rushed to Jun Wuxia’s side and wrapped her arms around the latter’s leg .

Her voice almost tore the roof open —

Ye Yafei and the others looked at one another in bewilderment . Never had they expected to meet someone as big as Princess Jun Wuxia!

They lowered their heads and kept very still —

Feng Wu was so dead!

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This was great!

Ye Yafei thought to herself .

Jin Yuntao was worried sick… Princess Jun Wuxia was such a superior figure that he felt all hope was lost .

What were they supposed to do now?

Before Jun Wuxia could recognize Mu Yaoyao, a stalwart granny kicked Mu Yaoyao away with great force!

Meanwhile, that granny, Granny Yue, pulled Princess Jun Wuxia behind her and cried out, “Watch out, Your Royal Highness!”

Poor Mu Yaoyao —

That was the second time she had been kicked in such a short period of time!

Whoosh —

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Thud —

Mu Yaoyao smashed into the wall again and she almost passed out in pain!

Shaken, Princess Jun Wuxia turned around and glared at Yan Yue . “How could you let a beggar into World Tower? This is a respectable establishment! You haven’t been doing your job properly! Throw her out now!”

Yan Yue was speechless .

Mu the Sixth didn’t know what to say .

Ye Yafei was equally speechless .

No one made a sound and it was very awkward .

Mu Yaoyao wanted to dig a hole and bury herself inside! She had never been this humiliated!

While the others kept their silence, Chaoge burst out laughing .

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“Hahahaha — Mu Yaoyao, Princess Jun Wuxia wants to throw you out . Hahahaha —”

Mu Yaoyao was so ashamed that she wanted to slip away before Jun Wuxia recognized her in that miserable state . However, her hopes were shattered by Chaoge .

“Mu Yaoyao?” Princess Jun Wuxia’s eyes widened in surprise .

Her entourage was equally shocked!

All eyes were on Mu Yaoyao now .

Mu Yaoyao felt her cheeks burn and the embarrassment ate at her . In the end, she closed her eyes and pretended to pass out .

But Granny Yue wouldn’t let her!

She would be the one to blame if Mu Yaoyao fainted!

Hence, Granny Yue quickly went up to Mu Yaoyao and picked her up as easily as if she was handling a chicken .

Meanwhile, Granny Yue sent out a streak of spiritual essence from the tip of her finger .

Mu Yaoyao felt as if electricity was running through her veins!

She grumbled .

Granny Yue snorted inwardly . The girl wanted to blame her for this? In her dreams!

Mu Yaoyao wanted to kill Granny Yue, but since she couldn’t pretend to pass out now, she had to go with the beaten-up girl act .

“Princess Jun Wuxia, help… help me . I’m Yaoyao —” Mu Yaoyao pleaded between broken sobs and sounded very pitiful .

“It does sound like her . Show me her face —” Princess Jun Wuxia commanded Granny Yue .

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