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Chapter 463

Mu the Sixth was displeased!

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He was playing along with Feng Wu because she was a cool girl and his sister-in-law . Mu Yaoyao, on the other hand, was a different story . He wouldn’t stand for the princess’s temper .

Before Mu the Sixth could speak, footsteps came from outside, and by the sound of it, there was more than one person .

“Princess Mu, there you are!”

It was none other than Captain Zhou .

He was here under Lady Northern Feng’s command to take Mu Yaoyao back .

But Mu Yaoyao didn’t know that . She was thrilled to see Captain Zhou and rushed to his side despite the pain in her head . Grabbing Captain Zhou’s hand, she dragged him to Feng Wu’s side .

Mu Yaoyao then shouted at Captain Zhou, “You’re the captain of the guards of Northern Feng Mansion, so tell us, didn’t Young Lord Feng tell you this morning that he wouldn’t see her? Didn’t you shut her out of the mansion? Tell us!”

Instantly, all eyes were on Captain Zhou .

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Mu Yaoyao said that Feng Wu couldn’t get into Northern Feng Mansion, but Mu the Sixth said she had gotten in . Which of the two was lying?

Captain Zhou freed his arm from Mu Yaoyao’s grasp, then stared at the princess with a stern look on his face . “Princes Mu, I’m bringing you to Lady Northern Feng on her command!”

“Why does the lady want to see me? Answer me first! Feng Wu was shut out of Northern Feng Manor, wasn’t she?!”

Mu Yaoyao insisted .

It was pivotal to her argument .

Confirming it would in turn prove that she, Mu Yaoyao, wasn’t lying . Hence, the others would believe everything else she said about Feng Wu .

However, Captain Zhou only gave Mu Yaoyao a brooding look . “Miss Feng Wu did get in . ”


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The looks the others gave Mu Yaoyao changed .

Even Captain Zhou had said so, which meant that Mu Yaoyao was lying . She was deliberately slandering Feng Wu!

Mu the Sixth smirked, while Ye Yafei and the others frowned…

Mu Yaoyao was exasperated . Grabbing Captain Zhou, she tried to slap him . “She paid you off, didn’t she?! How much did she give you? I’ll double it!”

But as the captain of the guards, Zhou dodged her strike easily .

Taking Mu Yaoyao’s wrist, Captain Zhou stared at her with cold eyes .

He hadn’t planned to tell them what Lady Northern Feng said, but Mu Yaoyao was asking for it!

“Miss Mu, you’re suspected of defaming Miss Feng Wu outside the gate of Northern Feng Mansion, and her ladyship ordered me to bring you to her for questioning!”

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Wow —

Everyone, especially Ye Yafei and her people, exchanged looks with one another .

They had envied Mu Yaoyao for that invitation in the beginning, for it was from Lady Northern Feng .

But now, Ye Yafei and the others all backed away from Mu Yaoyao .

So, Mu Yaoyao had been lying after all and she had made up all those things about Feng Wu…

Mu the Sixth was reassured .

He knew it . He knew he had heard correctly . His Brother Feng was indeed in love with Feng Wu . See? Even Lady Northern Feng was on her side .

Mu Yaoyao was so dead!

Bursting into angry tears, Mu Yaoyao screamed, “You’re all in it together! You’re all working against me!”

With her frantic manner, her bloody forehead, and her greasy clothes… she looked worse than a beggar .

One would never imagine that a princess could look like this .

“Yaoyao, why are you yelling?”

A voice came from the distance .

Mu the Sixth shuddered at once!

It couldn’t be…

“Your Royal Highness —”

Mu the Sixth was right . It was indeed the emperor’s third daughter, the obstinate royal princess . Despite his reluctance, Mu the Sixth had to greet her with a bow .

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