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Published at 6th of March 2020 02:40:20 PM
Chapter 462

The table cracked at the impact and all the leftovers on the dishes ended up all over Mu Yaoyao .

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Everything happened so fast .

And it took everyone by surprise!

That was so frightening!

No one had expected Feng Wu to lash out!

Not to mention that she had kicked Mu Yaoyao so hard!

Only then did they turn from Mu Yaoyao to Feng Wu and stare at the latter with dropped jaws and wide open eyes . Everyone was flabbergasted .

Ye Yafei was speechless .

Mu the Sixth didn’t know what to say .

The rest of the crowd was equally silent .

That was insane!

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“You…” Ye Yafei pointed at Feng Wu with a shaking finger . “How dare you… How dare you…”

With the decline of the Feng clan’s status, Feng Wu’s uncle was the most superior figure they could come up with, and he was a mere third-ranked official . Mu Yaoyao, on the other hand, was the daughter of a duke!

Mu the Sixth wanted to applaud Feng Wu!

That was awesome!

That kick even reminded him of Jun Linyuan!

Mu the Sixth found Feng Wu even more pleasant after what she did to Mu Yaoyao!

No one went to help Mu Yaoyao, and in the end, she struggled to her feet on her own .

She was wretched beyond description .

Fishbones and vegetable leaves stuck out of her hair, and her exquisite dress was stained and greasy as soup dripped from it…

Enraged, Mu Yaoyao glared at Feng Wu with red-rimmed eyes and a twisted face . She bellowed, “Feng Wu! I’m gonna kill you!”

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After that, Mu Yaoyao charged at Feng Wu like an angry bull!

She almost reached Feng Wu when —

Mu the Sixth pulled Feng Wu away .

Mu Yaoyao hit empty air, but momentum kept her going!


Feng Wu was standing a few steps in front of the wall, and right behind her was the painting Inky Rain!


Yan Yue cried out!

But she was too late —

Mu Yaoyao banged into the wall headfirst like an angry bull!

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“No —”

Yan Yue rushed to Mu Yaoyao’s side and yanked the latter back .

But her worst fear had come true .

Haughty as Yan Yue was, she almost burst into tears!

And it wasn’t for Princess Mu, but for the painting!

As far as she knew, Inky Rain had been painted by His Royal Highness and contained a manual for a whole set of swordplay .

They took great care of all the paintings, making sure that they were kept in a pristine state .

But now —

All the grease on Mu Yaoyao’s head had splattered all over Inky Rain .

Yan Yue felt like passing out .

That woman was dead!

Mu Yaoyao had used all her strength and the impact was incredible .

She almost cracked her own head open .

Although she didn’t pass out right away, her vision had darkened and she could see stars —

Growing up, Mu Yaoyao had never been mistreated — that was, until she met Feng Wu .

“Feng Wu! I’m gonna kill you, I swear to god!”

Her angry scream resounded in the room .

Feng Wu shrugged . “So, if anything happens to me, Princess Mu will be the prime suspect . Mu the Sixth, you heard that, right?”

Mu the Sixth nodded right away . “Yes, of course —”

Seeing that Mu the Sixth was taking Feng Wu’s side, Mu Yaoyao exploded . Still sitting on the floor, she pointed at Feng Wu and yelled between angry sobs, “Mu the Sixth, you idiot! She couldn’t even get into Northern Feng Mansion! How can Feng Xun be in love with her? Are you blind or have you lost your mind?”

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