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Published at 6th of March 2020 02:40:23 PM
Chapter 461

After all, Mu the Sixth was on Feng Xun’s side . He worshiped Feng Xun and wouldn’t let anyone say anything bad about the latter .

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Feng Wu glanced at Mu the Sixth . “I’m not obliged to explain myself to you, but I guess I can clear something up here . ”

She went on, “Feng Xun and I are just friends . There’s nothing more between us . ”

But Mu the Sixth wouldn’t believe it!

“You really are Feng Wu?”

“Yes . ”

“Then you two can’t just be friends!” Mu the Sixth gritted his teeth .

He wasn’t that forgetful and he was sure he had heard Feng Xun right! His Brother Feng had shouted out that he liked Feng Wu!

“Heh, friends?” Mu Yaoyao smirked . “You’re nothing but a humble cook to Feng Xun . How arrogant of you, calling yourself his friend . You sure have a wild imagination . ”

“Pfft —”

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Mu Yaoyao was relentless with her choice of words .

Ye Yafei and the others played along and laughed accordingly .

They all gave Mu Yaoyao the thumbs up . Princess Mu was amazing .

Then, they turned to Feng Wu in unison . What was she going to say now?

Jin Yuntao was very concerned for Feng Wu .

Chaoge was furious .

However, Feng Wu, the girl being humiliated, kept her composure the entire time .

“Mu Yaoyao, you really do talk a lot . ” Feng Wu stared at her and her gaze grew cold .

“I’m telling the truth! Prove yourself if you can!” Mu Yaoyao smirked .

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“You’re not worth my explanation, but you’re asking for death and I’m going to give it to you!”

“Mu the Sixth!” Feng Wu called his name in a cold voice .

Mu the Sixth shuddered . “Yes?”

“When did you see me today?”

“At noon . ”


“In Northern Feng Mansion . ”

“Inside or outside?”

“Inside!” Mu the Sixth said loudly .

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“You swear on it?”

“Of course!” Mu the Sixth confirmed .

“So —” Feng Wu turned around and gave Mu Yaoyao a half-smile . “According to you, I can’t get into Northern Feng Mansion?”

Boom —

Checkmate .

“That’s not possible!” Mu Yaoyao wouldn’t believe it . “You couldn’t have gotten in! No way!”

Feng Wu said, “So, you’re saying that Mu the Sixth is lying for me?”

Mu the Sixth had been shaken by Mu Yaoyao’s words, but what Feng Wu said steadied him . “Mu Yaoyao, you’re full of bullshit! I see you’re so good at throwing mud at other people! Brother Feng will know about this and you’ll have to answer to him!”

“I don’t believe it!” Mu Yaoyao glared at Feng Wu . “I heard it myself! Feng Xun wouldn’t see you!”

“Bullshit!” Mu the Sixth had heard it himself that Feng Xun said he liked Feng Wu!

And of course, Mu the Sixth chose to believe his own ears .

“Miss Yan Yue, please take Princess Mu away . She’s not welcome here!” If Feng Xun were here, he could throw the princess out right away, but Mu the Sixth didn’t dare do it .

“Touch me and you’re dead!” Wild with rage, Mu Yaoyao turned around and tried to slap Feng Wu!

Thump —

As soon as Mu Yaoyao raised her hand, Feng Wu kicked her right in the chest!

Boom —

There was a loud crashing sound .

Mu Yaoyao flew backward and smashed into the dining table .

Crash —

The dishes had yet to be removed and the leftovers were still all there .

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