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Chapter 46

Chapter 46: The Idiot’s Got a Great Imagination

Yu Ming Ye glared at Feng Wu. “This, is, a, Ten Thousand, Ants, Soul, Devouring, Bone, Breaking, Heart, Poisoning Pill!”

Feng Wu used a kind of gaze for looking at idiots to look at Yu Ming Ye dumbfoundedly!

Oh please, she’s actually a pill refining expert! Even though she hadn’t been officially ranked, however, her pill making techniques were the best within the entire Martial Lord Empire, you know? One starched laxative pill yet you f*cking tell me that it’s a Ten Thousand Ants Soul Devouring Bone Breaking Heart Poisoning Pill? ! Moreover, don’t you know that the pill’s formula originated from me and I can easily neutralize it?

That’s why Feng Wu very silently, speechlessly looked up at the sky, but the vast sky full of stars was unable to read her mind.

How could Yu

Ming Ye know that this young girl before him was a true poison expert?

He half squatted down poker faced, and quite gravely, quite seriously, threatened Feng Wu. “I’m asking you one thing, are you scared or not? !”

Feng Wu. “Scared……” Your ass!

Yu Ming Ye observed Feng Wu’s ‘alive but as good as dead’ face and thought that she’d been frightened. He immediately felt extremely proud of himself!

“Ha haha haha——” The young man put his hands on his hips, immensely proud of himself as he looked at the sky and let out a long laugh. “That’s right, you should be scared! Therefore, you absolutely shouldn’t think of betraying me, otherwise, you will die by the Ten Thousand Ants Soul Devouring Bone Breaking Heart Poisoning Pill!”

Feng Wu. “……woah.”

Yu Ming Ye smugly and complacently harrumphed. “After you return, make sure to steal the fluid

fluid from the Immortal Spirit Fruit for me, then fill it with poison, otherwise, ‘humph’!”

Feng Wu ground her teeth and pretended to look awkward. “But the Immortal Spirit Fruit has always been personally kept by Jun Lin Yuan, how can I get close to it?”

Yu Ming Ye looked at Feng Wu as if he’s looking at an idiot and flicked her as fair as jade forehead. “You think I’m dead or something?”

Feng Wu retreated a step. “But……but have you fought Jun Lin Yuan before? He’s incredibly strong……”

This manipulative method of questioning was very effective. Feng Wu already sounded him out thoroughly.

As expected, the minute Feng Wu brought this up, Yu Ming Ye became hopping mad as he pointed at Feng Wu. “Is Jun Lin Yuan strong, is Jun Lin Yuan incredibly strong? Humph! I will become the man who’s even stronger than

stronger than him! Don’t you believe me? !”

Feng Wu looked at him innocently, her eyes crystal clear and transparent. “Really?”

“Of course!” Yu Ming Ye harrumphed. “Ten Thousand Ants Soul Devouring Bone Breaking Heart Poisoning Pill, don’t you forget it!”

Feng Wu. “Oh……”

“Come over here!” Yu Ming Ye waved to Feng Wu.

Feng Wu hesitated somewhat and didn’t move forward, seemingly awfully terrified.

“I won’t hurt you!” Yu Ming Ye watched Feng Wu’s terrified appearance as he beckoned impatiently. “Hurry and come over here, I’ll tell you a plan!”

“Oh!” Feng Wu’s pair of as clear as water eyes immediately shined and ran over quite eagerly.

Yu Ming Ye saw Feng Wu acting like an excited little puppy, and suddenly, his mouth twitched with curiosity. “I thought that you’d be more devoted to Jun Lin Yuan, tch tch, after you became my woman, your heart’s indeed turned towards me turned towards me now. If Jun Lin Yuan knew, he’d definitely be angered to death, right?”

Feng Wu. “……” The idiot’s got a great imagination, this is the truth indeed.

“After you go back……” Yu Ming Ye muttered his plan by the side of Feng Wu’s ear.

Feng Wu nodded as she listened. Even though Yu Ming Ye seemed to her to be both dumb and silly, when it came to serious business, his brains still worked very well. He deserved to be as equally well-known as Jun Lin Yuan. Actually, his reputation wasn’t completely undeserved.

“Come here.” Yu Ming Ye lifted the blanket with his foot, impatiently glaring at Feng Wu. “Stop dilly-dallying, the sun’s about to come up. If Jun Lin Yuan was to find out about us, you can just wait for him to stab you to death in one stroke!”

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