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Chapter 45

Chapter 45: This Is The……Ten Thousand Ants Body……What?

“That’s right!”

“But how can I get my hands on it? It’s Jun Lin Yuan we’re talking about, Jun, Lin, Yuan!” Feng Wu said without a trace of joy.

Yu Ming Ye curled his lips. “You think I’m dead or something?”


“So what if it’s Jun Lin Yuan? He may be intelligent and very strong but am I very stupid and very weak?” A provoked Yu Ming Ye rolled his eyes at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu wanted to nod her head very much, but was afraid she’d be killed, so she could only shake her head in silence……

“So?” Feng Wu asked distractedly. “What are your thoughts on the matter?”

It’s the Immortal Spirit Fruit……her Immortal Spirit Fruit! After she cultivated again, she could then wake her beautiful master, the strongest man in the continent.

Thinking of this, Feng Wu’s heart shook. A piece

of her heart practically jumped out of her throat.

Yu Ming Ye wouldn’t be able to read Feng Wu’s heart at all. He shot a glance at Feng Wu, while throwing an object at her.

Feng Wu caught it and looked, to discover that it was a bottle of raw liquid.

“This is the Inverse Needle.” Yu Ming Ye complacently turned towards Feng Wu. “You should think of a way to steal the original fluid from Immortal Spirit Fruit in Jun Lin Yuan’s possession, then replace it with the liquid in the Inverse Needle.”

Feng Wu pointed at the Inverse Needle along with a transparent bag Yu Ming Ye gave her. “There couldn’t be poison inside this bag, right?”

Yu Ming Ye glared at Feng Wu as if looking at an idiot. “Poison? What kind of a person do you think I am? Of course there’s a very poisonous liquid

liquid in here!”

Feng Wu. “……”

Yu Ming Ye stared at Feng Wu. “Sigh, sigh, sigh, little girl, it can’t be that you can’t bear to make the move, right? You should know that as of now, you’re my, Yu Ming Ye’s woman! You want to regret it? It’s too late!”

After saying this, Yu Ming Ye used a kind of very strange, very conflicted look to gaze at Feng Wu.

Conflicted? What’s Yu Ming Ye feeling conflicted about? Feng Wu didn’t understand.

Yet at the moment, Yu Ming Ye grabbed his own head and stood up, then walked quite a few steps around Feng Wu!

He looked up at the stars filling the sky. After that, he again looked at Feng Wu with great distaste, not saying anything the whole time.

Feng Wu was dumbfounded by his gaze. What kind of a situation was this?

What was Yu Ming Ye thinking? He was

He was thinking about whether or not he should take advantage of this moonless, windy night and do this young girl on the spot. If he did that, then this young girl really, truly, would be considered his woman. She’d be mesmerized and head over heels in love over him.

However, what Yu Ming Ye really felt conflicted about was……as a highly attractive man, he looked at that girl’s ordinary face and he could, not, bring, himself, to, do, it!

“What are you thinking about?” Feng Wu looked at him in puzzlement.

“I can’t make myself suffer such a grievance!” The young man clenched his fists as he talked to himself, and even fiercely let out an ‘Mn’!

Feng Wu silently watched this young man, whose heart already finished developing these emotions, and asked in confusion. “So, what the heck do you plan on doing?”

Yu Ming Ye raised his hand. In his hand. In the palm of his right hand rested a small little pink pill.

Without waiting or Feng Wu to respond, Yu Ming Ye already stuffed the pink pill into Feng Wu’s mouth!

The tip of Feng Wu’s tongue licked it, so she was then able recognize that this unexpectedly was a laxative.

Without waiting for Feng Wu’s reaction, he already knew what to say to her.

“Do you know what medicine that was?” Yu Ming Ye’s threatening voice sounded!

Feng Wu lifted her head, saw the young man pretending to be serious, grave, cold, and she smiled.

However, before she even said anything, Yu Ming Ye very solemnly, very grimly, stared at her as he stood up high. “This is a Ten Thousand Ants Body Devouring Bone Breaking Heart Poisoning Pill!”

“Huh? Feng Wu was stupefied as she turned towards Yu Ming Ye. “This is the……Ten Thousand Ants Body…..what?”

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