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Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Crisis

Feng Wu remained silent, but she still buried herself in the blanket while Yu Ming Ye personally carried her back to the camp.

It was quiet all around the camp.

All that one could hear was the occasional chirping from insects.

Yu Ming Ye carried Feng Wu wrapped in the blanket back to the camp on his shoulder and saw that the camp was brightly lit all around. Jun Lin Yuan, Feng Xun, and the rest were all sitting together. Judging by their expressions, Feng Xun was apparently arguing with them.

Feng Wu and Yu Ming Ye immediately looked at each other in dismay!

“They’ve discovered that I’m gone.” Feng Wu glared at Yu Ming Ye and spoke seriously.

If this is the case, then Yu Ming Ye’s previous plan had become totally useless, because if Feng Wu disappeared, it’d be very easy for her to be doubted

and she wouldn’t be able to get close to Jun Lin Yuan.

Yu Ming Ye’s eyes opened wide and unblinkingly glared at Feng Wu!

He’d wasted so much time on this girl, but the result was that his kidnapping of this girl was exposed? !

Then wouldn’t all of the time he’d spent on this girl completely go to waste? !

Yu Ming Ye panted with rage as he glared at Feng Wu. “You’ve unexpectedly been found out? !”

Feng Wu discreetly rolled her eyes. “Are you blaming me?”

Yu Ming Ye angrily responded. “So what if I’m blaming you? I am blaming you! Tell me, of what use are you now? !”

Feng Wu was dumbfounded. “Just a trivial matter and it can make you this angry already?”

“A trivial matter?” Yu Ming Ye was almost angry enough to laugh. “Is this really a trivial matter?”

Jun Lin Yuan already discovered that she’s

she’s missing, and already suspected her. She already could no longer get close to the fruit. All of his plans had fallen through at the final stretch……

“When I raise my right hand, you guys can start the attack in accordance with our previous plan.”

Compared to the raging Yu Ming Ye, Feng Wu’s expression was cool and collected. Her eyes were even more unperturbed and without any ripple, shining in the azure night sky.

With one look, Yu Ming Ye’s heart suddenly skipped a beat.

This little girl……this pair of eyes was too calm, too unperturbed. How’s this like the terrified steamed bun (the wimp) she was before? Furthermore, her eyes were surprisingly so pretty, just like the brightest star in the sky, they simply made a person’s heart extremely moved!

Pah pah pah!

Yu Ming Ye slapped his head. He unexpectedly was moved by this young girl with such ordinary

such ordinary looks? It must be an illusion! Illusion!

The girl he was to like must not have looks inferior to him! Yu Ming Ye discreetly made a fist.

And during this time, Feng Wu was rolling her body in the dew for awhile. After she wet all of her hair and clothes with some dew, she then left quickly with the blanket.

In front of her, Feng Xun and Xuan Yi were arguing.

Xuan Yi smiled coldly. “And you’re still saying that there’s no problem with the little girl you picked up? Why would she be missing if there’s nothing going on with her? !”

Feng Xun displeasingly said. “Fine, if you say there’s a problem with her, then you tell me what’s the problem?”

“The Immortal Spirit Fruit!” Fairy Mu Yao presently was finally able to grasp something against Feng Wu. She was so excited that her whole body trembled. “She body trembled. “She came because of the Immortal Spirit Fruit!”

“But at the moment, the fruit is in Boss Jun’s hands and not in her hands, so then, what’s she running away for?” Feng Xun laughed coldly.

Fairy Mu Yao was dumbstruck and unable to reply. “That, that, maybe……”

“It’s late at night and you guys aren’t sleeping. What’re you guys arguing about?” A tranquil and calm voice sounded out behind them.

Everybody turned their heads in a flash——

“Little Fifth!” Feng Xun saw Feng Wu, dashed forward with firm steps and grabbed Feng Wu’s hand, his whole face filled with excitement. “In that case, it’s so late at night, where did you go? You made us look for you! I even thought something happened to you!”

Fairy Mu Yao watched Feng Wu return as fury rose in her heart. “She must’ve finished passing on information before she came back!”

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