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Published at 6th of March 2020 02:40:27 PM
Chapter 459

Feng Wu had reprimanded Young Master Mu? Who the hell did she think she was? Didn’t she know that Young Master Mu was Young Lord Feng’s friend?!

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Ye Yafei smirked . Feng Wu had offended Young Master Mu so blatantly and she was looking forward to seeing Feng Wu’s downfall!

But —

To Ye Yafei’s surprise, Mu moved closer and grinned at Feng Wu . “Of course, of course . Sister-in-law, you’re so right . I was being inappropriate . ”

That was so sycophantic!

Everyone looked at Young Master Mu in disbelief!

He was the son of a lord and an acquaintance of the crown prince, but he was being so nice to Feng Wu all of a sudden . What was going on?

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“Young Master Mu, you…” Before Ye Yafei could finish her sentence —

Mu turned around and glared at her . “Ye Yafei, you, get your ass down here and apologize to Sister-… I mean, Feng… Xiao Wu!”

Mu wanted to call her sister-in-law so bad, but Feng Wu was glaring at him and he didn’t dare do anything reckless .

Ye Yafei was utterly dumbfounded!

“Me? Apologize to her?” Ye Yafei thought she was going to lose her mind . “Which important guy has she hooked up with now? Why do I need to apologize to her?!”

Ye Yafei hated Feng Wu even more .

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Young Master Mu was displeased . He was going to say something when —

“Why, are you having a party on the fifth floor now?” A cheerful voice rang out .

Feng Wu recognized that voice . Turning around, she saw that it was indeed Mu Yaoyao .

She couldn’t figure out why she kept running into this young princess everywhere .

Actually, Mu Yaoyao had been watching for a while .

She had thought that it would be a piece of cake for Ye Yafei to take out Feng Wu, but Ye Yafei was useless . Mu had completely squashed her .

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To stop Mu from indulging Feng Wu further, Mu Yaoyao stepped out .

“Princess Mu?”

Mu Yaoyao was Xuan Yi’s cousin and the daughter of Duke Mu . As a prestigious figure in the imperial capital, she was quite well-known . At least, everyone here recognized her .

“So, it’s you, Mu the Sixth1,” Mu Yaoyao sauntered into the room and said in a casual voice, her arms crossed .

Lord Mu was a baron and Mu Yaoyao’s father was a duke, which was several ranks higher . Hence, Mu the Sixth could only smile bitterly at Mu Yaoyao .

“Mu, you’ve made quite a scene here . ” Mu Yaoyao patted Mu the Sixth on the shoulder, then pointed at Feng Wu . “Do you know who she is?”

Of course Mu the Sixth had an answer to that . “She’s my sister-in-law!”

Mu Yaoyao snickered . Ignoring the goofy Mu the Sixth, she went up to Feng Wu .

Glancing at Feng Wu out of the corner of her eye, Mu Yaoyao snorted . “Sister-in-law? Heh . Mu the Sixth calls you that? Feng Wu, where did that come from?”

Despite Mu Yaoyao’s background, Mu the Sixth wouldn’t let her pick on Feng Wu .

Hence, he went up to them and patted Mu Yaoyao on the shoulder . “Hey, don’t bully the newbie . Brother Feng won’t be happy if he hears about this . ”

“Brother Feng? As in Feng Xun?” Mu Yaoyao smirked and pointed at Feng Wu . “Don’t tell me you’re calling her sister-in-law because of Feng Xun . ”

“What now?” Mu the Sixth was confused .

“Hahaha —” Mu Yaoyao laughed until she was in tears . “Mu the Sixth, what can I say? Your joke just made my day . Hahaha —”

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