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Published at 6th of March 2020 02:40:30 PM
Chapter 458

Feng said, “But Miss Feng Wu doesn’t have an entrance card to World Tower . ”

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Jun Linyuan smirked . “Tch — she’ll be thrown out, then! That’s ridiculous, getting into World Tower without an entrance card . Does she think she owns World Tower now?”

Feng smacked his forehead . What was he supposed to do with his young master…

He made another attempt . “I think Young Master Mu is going after Miss Wu now . ”

Jun Linyuan halted abruptly!

“As in Mu the Sixth? Feng Xun’s minion?”

Feng nodded . “That’s him, the sixth son of Lord Mu . He’s very fond of pretty women and has 99 young maids and concubines at home already . I heard that…”

Jun Linyuan headed for World Tower right away .

He only took a couple of steps before turning around and glaring at Feng . “I’m not going because of that Feng Wu!”

“No, of course not…” Feng nodded immediately . “World Tower bought some Green Cloud Tea recently, which is a rare delicacy . Didn’t you say you wanted to try some yesterday?”

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Feng sighed inwardly . Other than looking after the crown prince’s daily life, he had to be ready to make excuses for the latter as necessary .

“That’s right!” The crown prince set out happily .

Feng was speechless .

Meanwhile, in World Tower .

Young Master Mu’s head went blank .

For he looked past Duan Chaoge and saw Feng Wu’s face .

That face… No matter how forgetful he became, he would never forget such an incredible beauty!

He had seen her just earlier today at Northern Feng Mansion!

But she had been talking to Feng at the time .

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Only a handful of people could talk to Feng as an equal!

“Who… are you?” Young Master Mu looked at Feng Wu suspiciously .

She was so pretty . He would be over the moon if he could have her as his own .

Ye Yafei interjected right away . “She’s Feng Wu! That genius from five years ago, but she’s an imbecile and a cripple now!”

Feng Wu?

Young Master Mu found that name very familiar, but not from five years ago… He thought he had heard it only today .

All of a sudden!

Young Master Mu blanched!

He remembered where he had heard it!

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In Northern Feng Mansion!

At that time, his Brother Feng had been yelling in his room, “I like Feng Wu! You heard me!”

Brother Feng liked Feng Wu? As in the Feng Wu standing right here?!

So, she was his sister-in-law!

Huo Yin had no idea what was going on in Young Master Mu’s head . Seeing how he stared at Feng Wu, Huo Yin thought that the young master was furious, so she added, “That’s her! She slandered Elegant Ink Gallery for selling fake antiques! We told her that Elegant Ink Gallery was your business but she was still —”

“Shut up!” Young Master Mu slapped Huo Yin hard!

“Smack —”

Huo Yin spun around at the crisp slap and everyone else watched in bewilderment!

No one had seen that coming .

Wasn’t Huo Yin Ye Yafei’s minion? Wasn’t Ye Yafei on Young Master Mu’s side?

Ye Yafei was the most astonished of them all .

She stared at Mu in disbelief . “Young Master Mu, you…”

Mu ignored Ye Yafei . He quickly went up to Feng Wu and beamed at her . “Sister-in-law, I’m so glad to see you here! Hahaha! Sorry about what happened just then . My bad . I didn’t recognize you . Please forgive me . I —”

Immediately, all eyes were on Feng Wu!


Why would Young Master Mu call her that?

What was going on here?!

Feng Wu cut Mu off with a frown . “What sister-in-law? Watch your language!”

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