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Published at 6th of March 2020 02:40:25 PM
Chapter 460

Seeing how hard Mu Yaoyao laughed and how certain she was… Mu the Sixth couldn’t help but look at Feng Wu again . Had he misunderstood something?

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Wiping away her tears, Mu Yaoyao said, “Mu the Sixth, Feng the Third is all about his fame . Do you think someone like that will fall in love with a good-for-nothing? Would you, if you were him?”

That made some sense… but Feng Wu was really, really beautiful . Mu the Sixth scratched his head .

Mu Yaoyao snorted . “Well, Feng Xun and the others stayed at the old Feng manor when they were in Northern Border City, but it was because of Feng Yiran, not Feng Wu .

“Well, Feng Xun did speak to her, but do you know what he said?”

Everyone was curious and all eyes were on Mu Yaoyao .

After making sure she was in the limelight, Mu Yaoyao stuck out her chest and said arrogantly, “Feng Xun asked her, ‘Little Feng Wu, come to my place and be my cook . ’”

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“Hahahaha —”

Everyone burst out laughing .

Ye Yafei pressed her hands to her stomach and guffawed . “That’s so hilarious . Gosh, Young Lord Feng is so wicked . ”

Huo Yin, who had been slapped by Mu the Sixth, laughed until she was in tears .

“Cook for him? So, to Young Lord Feng, Feng Wu is only as good as a cook . That’s just…”

Jin Yuntao glared at Mu Yaoyao, but he was of too low a status to speak up .

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Mu the Sixth scratched his ear and said to Mu Yaoyao, “That’s not possible . ”

“I heard it with my own ears . Of course it’s possible . And there’s more —” Mu Yaoyao darted a glance at Feng Wu with a gloating smile . “When I left Northern Feng Mansion earlier today, Feng Wu was outside . Guess what I saw . ”

What? Everyone looked at Mu Yaoyao .

Mu Yaoyao smirked . “I saw Feng Wu stopped at the gate . Captain Zhou went in to tell Young Lord Feng, but he came back with a one-word reply: No!”

“Hahahaha —”

Ye Yafei and the others guffawed again .

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“That’s so humiliating!”

“Young Lord Feng is really merciless . ”

“She’s just a cook . Why should Young Lord Feng see her anyway?”

“I’d lock myself up in my room and cry if I were her, instead of walking around . Hahaha —”

Chaoge thought she was going to explode!

Xiao Wu was her goddess and someone she dreamed of becoming! How dare these people slander her like this!

However, Feng Wu tugged at her sleeve and shook her head .

“Moreover, do you think Young Lord Feng is the only man Miss Feng Wu here is trying to hook up with?” Mu Yaoyao smirked . “She’s fishing with several rods all at once . I ran into her cuddling with this pretty boy on the street just the other day . ”

“Who was the guy?!” Mu the Sixth cried out!

“Well… I’m not at liberty to reveal that, but it wasn’t your Brother Feng, that’s for sure . ” Mu Yaoyao patted Mu the Sixth on the shoulder . “If she really is your sister-in-law, your Brother Feng has my condolences . ”

Mu the Sixth’s face went livid!

He glared at Feng Wu!

The one thing that he couldn’t stand was his Brother Feng being humiliated!

“Got an explanation?” Mu the Sixth stared at Feng Wu . “I’m going to give you a chance . Explain yourself, or there will be consequences!”

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