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Chapter 435: 435

Young Master Mu gleaned a lot of information from that statement . So, his Brother Feng the Third liked a girl called little Feng Wu…

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Feng turned a gaze devoid of warmth on the teenager . “Young Master Mu, can I help you with anything?”

Young Master Mu’s stomach lurched and he replied with an ingratiating smile on his face, “No, that’s alright . I was just taking a walk . That’s all —”

After that, Young Master Mu darted another curious look at Feng Wu and ran off .

After hanging out with Feng Xun all these years, of course he knew who Feng was .

What did it mean when Feng showed up?

It meant that Boss Jun was around!

Young Master Mu was dauntless — but only when Jun Linyuan wasn’t around . So, he turned around and fled the scene without hesitation .

Feng looked at Feng Wu and sighed .

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She was such a smart girl, but why was she so… dumb in this aspect? Feng was vexed . He couldn’t just blurt it out .

“Miss Wu, may I ask what you need Young Master Feng for?”

Feng Wu replied after some thought, “I have my eye on a manor and I’d like Feng Xun to purchase it on my behalf . ”

“May I ask which manor is it?” Feng asked .

“It’s Grand Secretary Fang’s manor . ” No sound came from inside the room, and Feng Wu frowned . “I think it’ll take them a while to finish . I’m off . ”

She didn’t think Jun Linyuan would do actual harm to Feng Xun, so she left after waving goodbye to Feng .

Feng Wu decided to have a look at the Fang manor after she left Northern Feng Mansion .

However, she heard a racket as soon as she walked out into the street .

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An angry female voice shouted, “Duan Chaoge! You broke the antique vase and cut my hand! You’re going to pay for this!”

Duan Chaoge?

Feng Wu recalled one of her childhood playmates, whose name was Duan Chaoge .

She was the neglected daughter of her father’s concubine and the Duan family offered her to Feng Wu as a “partner in training . ” In fact, they were making Duan Chaoge a servant for Feng Wu .

Needless to say, Feng Wu just treated the girl as her equal and a friend .

Chaoge? Was that her?

Feng Wu turned in that direction and she frowned at what she saw .

It was a… rotund girl . She was of the same height as Feng Wu, but she had to weigh about three times more . She was too overweight to even walk properly .

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She had a multi-layered chin on her very round face .

However, Feng Wu could still recognize the girl she used to play with .

It really was Duan Chaoge .

Tears welled up in Feng Wu’s eyes when she saw Duan Chaoge like this… What had Chaoge gone through? Why was she like this?

Feng Wu then noticed that the person who had grabbed Duan Chaoge by the hair was Ye Yafei, the girl who wanted to purchase the Fang manor .

“Duan Chaoge! You’re going to pay for this!” Pulling Duan Chaoge’s hair, Ye Yafei smirked . “You look like a pig . Weren’t you Feng Wu’s minion? Have you become as useless as her? You’re the ugliest piece of shit I’ve ever seen!”

“Say whatever you want about me, but leave Xiao Wu out of this!” Chaoge charged at Ye Yafei with all her might!

Caught by surprise, Ye Yafei was knocked over .

Crumble —

She bumped into a shelf full of antiques which all tumbled down, and she was buried in broken porcelain pieces .

Feng Wu was speechless .

Duan Chaoge was equally frightened . She stood there, looking flustered, and was at a loss over what to do .

” Smack! ”

Duan Chaoge was slapped hard on her cheek!

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