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Published at 26th of February 2020 04:40:13 AM
Chapter 436

“You bitch! How dare you push Sister Yafei? Things have changed since five years ago! Kneel and apologize to Sister Yafei!”

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With those words, a girl tried to kick Duan Chaoge in the back of her knees .

“That’s enough!”

A chilly voice rang out .

The girls looked up and saw a stunning girl walk over . She was as pretty as a picture .

She was so beautiful… Who was she?

“Xiao Wu? Are you Xiao Wu?” Duan Chaoge, who had worshiped Feng Wu since she was little, asked in a trembling voice .

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“Feng Wu?!” Staring at Feng Wu, Ye Yafei was astonished!

How could anyone be this beautiful?!

Zuo Qingluan was known for her beauty, but compared with Feng Wu…

“Yes, it’s me,” Feng Wu replied with a frown . “What’s going on?”

“Xiao Wu — sob —” Like someone who had just found a rock in the shifting sands of her existence, Chaoge dashed toward Feng Wu in excitement . “Xiao Wu, you’re back! You’re really back, sob —”

“Heh . ” Ye Yafei smirked . “I was wondering who would be ignorant enough to stick their nose into this . So, it’s you, Miss Wu of the Feng clan . Miss Feng Wu, aren’t you a useless piece of shit now? Are you sure you’re not biting off more than you can chew?”

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Feng Wu glanced at Chaoge .

And Chaoge quickly told her what happened .

It was as Feng Wu suspected . Ye Yafei had asked for the antique piece Chaoge was holding, and with no idea how to handle such a piece properly, Chaoge had handed Ye Yafei the Whistling Vase straight away .

However, Ye Yafei drew back her hands before the vase reached her, and with a crash —

The vase fell to the floor with a crisp sound, shattered, and cut Ye Yafei’s hand in the process .

“This is an antique vase made by imperial order in the previous dynasty and is one of a kind . ” Ye Yafei stared at Feng Wu with a half-smile . “Isn’t Chaoge your minion? I’m sure you won’t stand by and do nothing . ”

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Feng Wu glanced at the Whistling Vase and she saw immediately that it was a genuine piece with a signature on the bottom .

Made by Yu Wei .

Yu Wei was a renowned formation master of the previous dynasty, and a Whistling Vase could do more than just whistle .

As expected, the owner of Elegant Ink Gallery came out with a long face . “Miss Duan, that was a Whistling Vase made by Master Yu Wei himself and it was reserved for a client . What am I going to do now that you’ve destroyed it?”

“It wasn’t me…” Chaoge pointed at Ye Yafei . “She drew back her hands first!”

Mr Mo said with a grimace, “Miss Duan, you should have followed the rules of an antiques shop . When other customers ask for something you’re holding, you should put it down first, then the other party can pick it up . ”

Duan Chaoge shook her head . How was she supposed to know that?

Feng Wu realized that Ye Yafei had set Chaoge up .

Mr Mo handed Feng Wu the base of the vase . “Look, see that? It proves that this is Master Yu Wei’s work . Miss, I’m not trying to trick you . It really is Master Yu Wei’s work . ”

“And how much is it worth?” Feng Wu darted an indifferent glance at Mr Mo .

To Feng Wu, Chaoge had always been a little sister to her . She couldn’t bring herself to see Chaoge trembling like a bunny like this .

Moreover, those people were doing this to Chaoge because she was Feng Wu’s friend .

At the end of the day, Duan Chaoge had been implicated because of Feng Wu .

Mr Mo smiled bitterly . “Miss Feng, Master Yu Wei’s work can’t be measured in terms of money, for it comes with a formation, which can help with cultivation . I believe you should know that . ”

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