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Published at 24th of February 2020 02:15:12 PM
Chapter 434: 434

“I don’t know why, but Boss Jun seems to find you particularly unlikeable . Why, don’t be sad . ” Feng Xun patted Feng Wu on the shoulder . “I like you!”

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Feng Wu brushed Feng Xun’s hand off her shoulder and threw a dirty look at him .

Just then, a gust of wind blew in through the gate!


No Mercy Yard, which was equipped with an advanced defense system, cracked under the impact .

Feng Xun jumped at the sound, and before he knew it, he was shielding Feng Wu with his own body . He then looked up in the direction of the gate .

The aura was formidable .

The power was dark and terrifying .

And the person could make one shudder in fear…

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“Boss Jun!” Seeing how dark Boss Jun’s impeccable face was, Feng Xun felt his heart skip a beat —

“Feng Wu!” Boss Jun bellowed . “Get the hell out of there!”

Feng Xun saw the light right away . So, little Feng Wu had offended Boss Jun again . For some reason, Boss Jun seemed to find fault with everything she did .

Since he was Jun Linyuan’s childhood friend, Feng Xun thought he could intervene . Keeping Feng Wu behind him, he said, “Boss Jun, if Feng Wu has offended you somehow, please —”

“Go away!”

Jun Linyuan roared at Feng Xun!

The terrifying soundwave tore the roof open!

Feng Xun blanched .

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Little Feng Wu was a cripple and Boss Jun looked so pissed . One slap and he could easily kill the girl!

At that thought, Feng Xun said in a hurry, “Boss Jun — if you want to hit someone, hit me instead!”

Jun Linyuan thought his head was going to explode .

He had warned Feng Xun already, telling him to stay away from Feng Wu, but what did he do? The two of them were alone in a room and were all lovey-dovey! Even someone with a milder temperament would lose their temper, let alone the crown prince, who was very irascible .

Feng arrived in time to hear what Feng Xun said .

And the steward rolled his eyes in resignation .

Jun Linyuan darted a look at Feng .

Feng took the hint right away . He went up to Feng Wu and said politely, “Miss Wu, this is a duel between two men . If you wouldn’t mind, please wait outside . ”

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A duel between two men? Feng Wu frowned . That was a strange choice of words .

“Xiao Wu, get out of here!” Feng Xun shouted at Feng Wu .

Feng Wu glanced at Jun Linyuan, who was staring at Feng Xun with a grim look on his face, as if he was going to eat Feng Xun whole…

Something didn’t feel right… Feng Wu scratched her head, but couldn’t figure out what it was . She had no choice but to go out as instructed .

Feng followed her out and closed the gate behind them .

Feng was about to drop Feng Wu some hints when a teenage boy scampered toward them .

“Brother Feng the Third 1 —”

His eyes widened when he spotted Feng and he abruptly stopped talking!

“M- Mr Feng…” The teenager faltered .

Feng greeted him with a nod . “Hello, Young Master Mu the Sixth . ”

Young Master Mu the Sixth? As in Mu Yuzhe? The sixth son of Lord Mu?

Feng Wu remembered Young Master Mu as this boy who followed Feng Xun around when they were little . By the looks of it, he was still doing that .

Young Master Mu looked surprised when he spotted Feng Wu .

Such a pretty girl! Which family was she from?

Just then, they heard Feng Xun’s voice inside the room . “I don’t care! I like little Feng Wu! I like her and I like her!”

” Bang! ”

Something heavy smashed on the floor and Young Master Mu’s stomach lurched!

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