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Published at 24th of February 2020 02:15:18 PM
Chapter 433

Feng Xun was full of despair .

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He knew it! He . Knew . It!

Other mothers would burst into tears and shower their children with endearments if they found their babies beaten up like this, but what did his mother do? She laughed!

Feng Xun was seriously considering the possibility that he was a giveaway in some buy-one-get-one-free deal .

“Hahahaha —”

Feng Xun looked at his mother with an impassive face .

She wasn’t just laughing . She was cracking up! Was she really his mother?

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“You… you… gosh . What happened to you, dummy? Who did this to you? Poor kid… Hahahaha —”

Lady Northern Feng laughed until she was in tears .

Feng Xun felt like crying . What was his mother thinking? She could at least offer him some comforting words!

“No one did this to me! I had a fight . F . I . G . H . T . Ever heard of that?” Feng Xun tried to defend himself .

“With whom?”

“Boss Jun, of course!” Feng Xun said proudly .

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“Teehee —” Lady Northern Feng burst into laughter again . “Are you sure that was a fight? I think it was more like a slaughter . ”

Feng Xun was speechless . He had to have a real mother somewhere in this world!

Growing up, the biggest bully in his life was none other than his mother here!

” Pfft — ” Feng Wu couldn’t hold back her laughter anymore .

Only then did Feng Xun realize that there was someone else in the room . Turning his bruised, swollen face, he saw who it was and he jumped out of bed . “Little Feng Wu!”

Looking from Feng Xun’s hideous face to Feng Wu’s stunning one, Lady Northern Feng sighed inwardly . Her dumb boy was never going to be good enough for the brilliant girl . How sad…

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Lady Northern Feng rubbed her forehead . “I’ll leave you young people to solve your problems on your own . I’m too old for this —”

She left after that, taking Ziyuan and Lanyuan with her .

Feng Xun stared at Feng Wu and was obviously ashamed of the way he looked right now .

“Why did Jun Linyuan beat you up?” Feng Wu said down on a hammock opposite Feng Xun in a familiar manner and grinned at him .

“I told you already; it was a fight! We fought!” Feng Xun stressed . “To be more precise, Boss Jun challenged me first!”

Poor Feng Xun . Everything he said was true, but Feng Wu wouldn’t believe him .

“He’s so much more powerful than you, why would he do that? He’s not stupid,” Feng Wu tossed a pine nut in her mouth and asked in an unhurried tone .

Feng Xun scratched his head . He couldn’t figure it out himself either . Why had Boss Jun done that?

“What’s going on with Boss Jun? He warned me when he left, telling me to keep my distance from a person . But who did I get so close to?” Feng Xun frowned . He was completely at a loss . So, he decided to put that aside and warned Feng Wu instead . “Little Feng Wu, I need to tell you something!”

“What?” Feng Wu looked at Feng Xun in bewilderment .

Feng Xun said earnestly, “Boss Jun is really weird these days . He’s peevish and unpredictable . So, don’t get close to him, and when you see him, keep your distance . You better leave ASAP when you see him . Understand?”

Feng Wu was bemused . “Is that really necessary?”

“Of course! Of course it’s necessary!” Feng Xun stressed and patted his chest . “I grew up with Boss Jun and I know him the best! Just trust me on this!”

Feng Wu said, “Whatever . ”

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