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Chapter 432: 432

Captain Zhou sent a team of his men to go after Mu Yaoyao .

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Lady Northern Feng, on the other hand, held Feng Wu’s hand affectionately .

Such a beautiful girl! There was both childlike innocence and wisdom in her eyes .

The girl wore an ankle-length sky blue dress and a crimson fur coat with piping made from white fox fur . The outfit set off her flawless skin, which was so fair that it seemed transparent .

Lady Northern Feng loved that unassuming and neat look, not to mention that she found the girl’s temperament most compatible .

“Come, let’s catch up inside . ” Lady Northern Feng wanted to lead Feng Wu into the mansion .

However, Feng Wu only smiled . “Aunt Feng, I’m here to see Feng Xun . ”

Feng Xun?!

Lady Northern Feng’s eyes sparkled!

The girl had come here just to see Feng Xun? Was she fond of Feng Xun?

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Lady Northern Feng was elated . Taking Feng Wu’s hand, she asked in a trembling voice, “Kiddo, you want to see Feng Xun? Do you know each other?”

Feng Wu nodded . “We’ve met a few times . ”

“No problem —” One of Lady Northern Feng’s greatest wishes back then was to have little Feng Wu as a daughter-in-law and she offered her help with delight . “Come! I’ll take you to that dumb boy . Teehee —”

Things are looking up! Lady Northern Feng thought happily to herself .

Outside Feng Xun’s No Mercy Yard —

” Thump, thump, thump — ”

Lady Northern Feng banged on the door .

Ziyuan and Lanyuan exchanged looks and both wished they could be somewhere else .

Their lady behaved like anything but a noble lady . One would easily take her for a she-bandit —

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An impatient voice bellowed inside .

Feng Xun was full of despair .

Boss Jun showed up last night and challenged him for no reason . When Feng Xun was finally about to circulate his spiritual essence in his body to help with the bruises on his face, someone banged on his door .

“Is Feng Xun in the middle of something?” Feng Wu frowned . “Aunt Feng, I can come back some other day . ”

Lady Northern Feng was exasperated!

Her future daughter-in-law had come to visit and her stupid son was sabotaging everything!

Lady Northern Feng gave the door a kick!

” Thump — ”

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The door to No Mercy Yard fell down at the impact!

Ziyuan and Lanyuan both looked up at the sky, pretending not to have seen anything…

“Let’s go!”

Lady Northern Feng grabbed Feng Wu’s hand and dragged her in .

Feng Xun’s stomach lurched when he heard his mother’s voice!


He was finally able to lighten the bruises on his face, only for them to expand in size, which made him look horrendous!

Whoosh —

The stylish Young Lord Feng ran to his bed and wrapped a thick duvet around himself, head included .

Lady Northern Feng charged in, dragging Feng Wu behind her .

Feng Wu smiled in resignation . “I think I can come back another day . ”

“No, I won’t let you do that!” Lady Northern Feng led Feng Wu into the bedroom .

“Wait, where is he?” Looking around, Lady Northern Feng couldn’t find Feng Xun anywhere . She was ready to leave when she noticed the situation on the bed .

You brat! I was finally able to get Xiao Wu to come here and you’re hiding yourself under a duvet? Didn’t you cry your eyes out when you were three, saying that you were going to defeat His Royal Highness and take little Feng Wu away?

Lady Northern Feng, the merciless mother, yanked the duvet off!

Whoosh —

Feng Xun looked up when he lost his cover .

” Pfft — ”

Lady Northern Feng burst out laughing when she saw Feng Xun’s heavily bruised face!

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